Wednesday, January 26, 2011

May be wit it

So I just have to get this out. I have blabbered my mouth already to a number of people about how I am trying to get pregnant so I figure I'll answer the question to people that are wondering whether I am or what. Well I am not. I know that talking about this very thing is a thing you are supposed to "keep to yourself". I've never considered myself to follow a lot of social "rules". So screw it. haha I will tell you all about my uterus woes. Warning:TMI ahead.

So at the end of August I had this feeling to take out my nuvaring because I had a feeling that I needed to. Didn't know why but just felt the need to. We were still not trying to get pregnant yet and using protection but I just wanted to regulate my periods.

I got a "period" a few weeks later. Then after that nothing for about 6 weeks. Then it was just spotting off and on every week or every couple weeks. This has continued pretty much until now. After a few months of not getting periods we just decided to forgoe all birth control and just let things happen. I got an ultrasound at the beginning of December to check for cysts or abnormal uterine lining. Everything was normal. He did a blood labs to see if there were any issues. Everything was normal. I went the whole month of December with no spotting or anything followed by a normal heavy flow period on New Years Day. I figured it was FINALLY regulating. Well I was wrong. A couple weeks later that mean old spotting came back followed by it a couple weeks later.

Soooo. I was fed up with it. I scheduled an appt with Dr. Chaulmers today. Luckily he had a cancelation today. He is a busy busy guy and it usually takes weeks to get into him. Yes...he is THAT good. :D

He was AWESOME! So I brought him a calender of everything that has been going on in the last 6 months. He and I came to the hypothesis that I am just not ovulating. No ovulation=no chance of concieving. Fun Fun! SO he gave me 3 options. 1. Go back on birth control to regulate my periods (yeah right I am never going on that crap again) 2. Go on provera which will force my period to come and hopefully trick my body into finally ovulating again. On cycle day 21-24 come to his office and get labs done to confirm that I ovulated. If not we will do another round of it. 3. Go on clomid which will trigger my body to produce eggs and ovulate. I was not fond of this because I don't want to take fertility drugs unless I absolutely have to. Plus taking clomid you have an 8% chance of having twins. Well lets face it....I don't do so well with "rare" percentages. He and I agreed that if I were to get pregnant with multiples it would be a hard most likely short pregnancy AGAIN. So he said we won't worry about that until we have to.

So we decided on option number 2. I feel good about it but at the same time its frustrating that I have to go through this. He thinks the reason my body isn't regulating is because I have lost a big chunk of weight and he's like "lets face it you look skinny" (awww thanks! :D) so he feels that could have contributed to it. We are also going to check my progesterone levels as well. I guess this shouldn't all surprise me though. My uterus is a bitter old woman. I can't wait to get my hands on her and burn her in a bonfire. :D (You think I'm kidding.....) haha!

SO Dr. Chaulmers thinks that I have a temporary fertility issue but will eventually get pregnant. It may just take awhile. I have a weight lifted off my shoulders and know that our family will be extended when Heavenly Father decides to send us one. Until then I am going to do everything in my power to make that possible. I know I don't have any significant fertilty problem but my heart goes out to those that do. How frustrating of a journey that must be! Props to you guys!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Better Late Than Never.....

So I'm a bit late on this but I decided on a few New Year's Resolutions. Well I guess I'm not a big fan of NYR's because they fade away quicker than you make them so I guess I don't want to label it as a NYR but more of a few goals. I want to keep it simple at 3 just to make sure I follow through with it.

1) I want to workout 2 times a day. Once in the morning before Chase goes to work and once when Chase comes home from work. We decided together that we will workout together after Jayda goes to sleep. We did it tonight and it was so fun to actually work out with someone else and it helped push me (although he didn't workout with me the whole time since he is starting out). I was super proud of him!

2) I want to explore with food and not have the same old same old. I want to try and experiment with fruits and veggies that I never use or have never even tasted. It will be a bit intimidating but I want to broaden my food pallet.

3) Chase and I are going to quit having soda (including diet) and junk food unless we are out to eat or have it over at someone else's house.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

SLC trip recap!

So I've been putting this off and just need to get it done. This week has sucked because both Jayda and I are getting over colds plus she is teething about 6 teeth all at one time. Its about time though! I'd rather get them all done at one time thank you!

So we headed up on Thursday because we wanted to get there to have all day Friday and not have to worry about traveling. The only bad part was that it was snowing and there was black ice on the road so it took forever to get there. At that point though we were happy we didn't bring Jayda because it was scarey! We got there in about 5 hours so not too bad considering we were only going about 55 a majority of the time. We stayed at my sister's house in Orem the whole time. We just crashed on her couches :D.
On Friday we got up and played with my neices and nephew for a bit and then headed off to SLC to just go do our own thing. Man it was FREEZING cold! I am a desert rat so it's really tough on me in the cold. I HATE IT! I staying inside as long as I could though. Chase was crazy and didn't want to really wear a jacket. He's nuts! :D
So then we went to lunch at Olive Garden and had soup and salad hmmm....especially when its cold outside! After that we went shopping although we didn't really buy anything (I bought $10 jeans was $10). After awhile of just doing whatever we met up with Nicole, Phil and their cutie Carter. We first went to the visitors center and saw their new SLC temple replica. It actually shows whats inside the temple. There were people swarming around it trying to get a peak. We sat there and chatted about life and jobs and Nicole was chasing Carter around as he was crawling everywhere and trying to eat leaves. haha Funny kid!

After the VC we decided to go up to the Garden restuarant. It is a restuarant right at the top of the Joseph Smith Building. It was beautiful especially since the lights were still up on the temple. I forgot my camera but Nicole and Phil used theirs. I still need her to email them to me before I post them. After that we went back to Phil and Nicole's house for a bit but then we left to go see a movie. We saw "How do you know" with Reese Witherspoon. It was a strange movie but we both liked it because it was different from other romantic comedies.

On Saturday we went to lunch with my sister, her husband, and the kids. It was this yummy sandwich place called Zuppa's. After that we decided to take my 2 neices Sadie and Jessie to the Nickle Arcade. They had a blast and it was so fun to watch them get so excited!

After that we decided we wanted to head off to SLC again to look for a ice skating rink. We found one but it was this dinky outside one brrrrr. So we decided not to do that and go to another movie. We went and saw Gulliver's Travels with Jack Black. It was actually pretty cute. The wierd thing about SLC movie theatres is that you get assigned seating. So strange.

We just kinda played around for awhile and then we went to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. After that we headed down to the Jazz game. We met up with Phil and Nicole again. It was a lot of fun. Mostly Nicole and I just talked and made fun of how we weren't sports savy. haha The boys really enjoyed the game though. :D By the end of the night I was exhausted! I was so glad that we got away for a few days to spend some quality time but I also missed my little jader bug! She missed us too!

We headed home first thing in the morning and it was a lot better roads coming home. Driving in bad weather and on ice just sucks. I hate it and I don't know how people live in that stuff! BRRR! I would take 100 degree weather any day of the week! I was SO glad to get home to my little girl though. She is getting so big!