Sunday, June 27, 2010

First time swimming/Sleep training update

So yesterday we took Jayda swimming for the first time. It was so much fun but she was not a happy camper at first. When we put her in the water at first she just cryed and cryed. Then we went to the swings they had at the washington community center and warmed her up that way. Then she started to warm up to it by going in the actual pool. She was watching the other kids and got used to the idea. But she was hanging onto me and my mom SO tight. Then later that day we went with Chase and our friends and their daughter. It was a lot of fun but I wish it wasn't so dang hot all the time!

Also sleep training update! Jayda is doing SO well at sleeping now! Shes not much of a nap taker but as long as she sleeps through the night I'm fine. She usually goes to sleep anywhere from 5:30-6:30....yeah I know early as heck! But she usually sleeps til 6:30am or 7:30am so I'm not complaining! Sometimes she wakes up to eat or just stirs for a bit but she goes right back to sleep and we don't have to go in there. She doesn't wake up as much to eat because we started to transition her to whole milk and so I think it fills her up longer or something. She then wakes up and takes another nap around 8 or 9 for about an hour or so and then another nap around 12. Then she is up usually until she goes to bed (she refuses to take that last nap).

So now she is taking so much table food and is taking 75% vanilla elecare and 25% whole milk in her bottle. She LOVES the vanilla and will eat her bottle so much more. We are weaning down her reflux meds to only one time a day. She is crawling, cruising, starting to stand for a few seconds on her own. She has started to think that she can stand and will just let go of the couch and fall smack on her face. That woman is FEARLESS. haha I love her SO freaking much and she is so much more fun now but clingy as heck!...

anywho here is some pics of her first day swimming....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sleep Training Day 1

Yesterday we decided it was time. Jayda was waking up every hour during the night and wouldn't nap unless I held her...not gonna happen sorry girly! So I decided to doa revised version on CIO. I think its the feber method but I'm not sure I just kinda made it up in my mind. I don't believe in letting your baby just cry for hours and hours (even 1 hour) so I kinda just revised it to work for us. I will only let her cry for 20 minutes at the most. The basic prinicple is that we lay her down in her crib awake when she is tired. I put a blanket around her and then we have a stuffed toy called Violet and she plays a 2 min lullaby for her. Then we leave her in her crib...that is when she crying fest begins. We let her cry for about 5-7min and then we come in and pat her/shush her and then leave again (this time for 10 min). Then you just repeat until she falls asleep. It's REALLY hard and she has been crying a lot these 24 hours but I know its going to work and it will be well worth it for us and for her. This is what yesterday looked like for us.

11:30 am-laid her down and let her cry for 5 minutes, 7-8 minutes, 10 minutes, after about a half hour she was asleep..YEAH!

12:30pm woke up...very unhappy
1:30pm- put back in crib repeated cycle
after about 2 hours of going in and out she just wasn't going down so I let her come out and play. Needless to say she didn't go down until about 7pm.....mommy fail for sure. It was just so hard to do!

5pm-start bedtime routine, bath, story, bottle
6:30- put down to bed.....
7:30ish- went to sleep
9:30pm- woke up again for about 30 minutes
11:30pm-heard her playing in her crib for about an hour but didn't cry
2:30am- woke up but went back to sleep after 10 minutes
4:30am- woke up fed her 4oz and then she went to sleep within about 10-15min
6:30am- woke up for about 30-45minutes but was so tired that she could hardly pick up anything...she really just laid there (poor stubborn little girl :P)
7amish- fed her 3 or 4 oz. put down to sleep and now its 8 and is just now starting to give up...kinda...she cries every so often.

Today should be fun!! UGH but its going to be worth it. I hate this with a passion though.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So I have been procrastinating posting this because I've been super busy lately but I have to post this because it was a huge event in our lives! On June 6th Jayda turned 1!! She is such a big girl now! Here is a little about Jayda at a year...

-She can crawl around and has recently gotten up on her hands and knees to crawl

-Has started to pull up to stand on just about everything

-Has started to cruise along the couch (UH-OH)

-She loves to walk in her little walker...I think she is jealous that everyone else around her can walk :P

-Recently started to clap and its the cutest thing

-Is tiny tiny and at her year appt. only weighed 14lbs 10oz.

-Is eating table foods now (pretty much anything we eat) and loves to feed herself

-She loves going to her grandma's house and play with her little cousins.

-Talks up a storm

-Is so curious about everything

-According to the ped a bit hyperactive (you are telling me!)

-Her PT said that she is doing so great. Gross motor she is in the 10/11 month range (which is great since she's really supposed to be 9 months old) and in fine motor she is right on track) YEAH!

My little girl is getting so big and everyone keeps telling me that she will be walking in no time! I can't believe that she is almost a toddler!

We got tubes in her ears yesterday and she has been so much happier! I love it! Those bad boys are awesome!!