Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So I have been procrastinating posting this because I've been super busy lately but I have to post this because it was a huge event in our lives! On June 6th Jayda turned 1!! She is such a big girl now! Here is a little about Jayda at a year...

-She can crawl around and has recently gotten up on her hands and knees to crawl

-Has started to pull up to stand on just about everything

-Has started to cruise along the couch (UH-OH)

-She loves to walk in her little walker...I think she is jealous that everyone else around her can walk :P

-Recently started to clap and its the cutest thing

-Is tiny tiny and at her year appt. only weighed 14lbs 10oz.

-Is eating table foods now (pretty much anything we eat) and loves to feed herself

-She loves going to her grandma's house and play with her little cousins.

-Talks up a storm

-Is so curious about everything

-According to the ped a bit hyperactive (you are telling me!)

-Her PT said that she is doing so great. Gross motor she is in the 10/11 month range (which is great since she's really supposed to be 9 months old) and in fine motor she is right on track) YEAH!

My little girl is getting so big and everyone keeps telling me that she will be walking in no time! I can't believe that she is almost a toddler!

We got tubes in her ears yesterday and she has been so much happier! I love it! Those bad boys are awesome!!

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  1. Thats rocks! See, size doesn't matter, she's doing just fine!

    Yay Jayda - you are awesome!