Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sleep Training Day 1

Yesterday we decided it was time. Jayda was waking up every hour during the night and wouldn't nap unless I held her...not gonna happen sorry girly! So I decided to doa revised version on CIO. I think its the feber method but I'm not sure I just kinda made it up in my mind. I don't believe in letting your baby just cry for hours and hours (even 1 hour) so I kinda just revised it to work for us. I will only let her cry for 20 minutes at the most. The basic prinicple is that we lay her down in her crib awake when she is tired. I put a blanket around her and then we have a stuffed toy called Violet and she plays a 2 min lullaby for her. Then we leave her in her crib...that is when she crying fest begins. We let her cry for about 5-7min and then we come in and pat her/shush her and then leave again (this time for 10 min). Then you just repeat until she falls asleep. It's REALLY hard and she has been crying a lot these 24 hours but I know its going to work and it will be well worth it for us and for her. This is what yesterday looked like for us.

11:30 am-laid her down and let her cry for 5 minutes, 7-8 minutes, 10 minutes, after about a half hour she was asleep..YEAH!

12:30pm woke up...very unhappy
1:30pm- put back in crib repeated cycle
after about 2 hours of going in and out she just wasn't going down so I let her come out and play. Needless to say she didn't go down until about 7pm.....mommy fail for sure. It was just so hard to do!

5pm-start bedtime routine, bath, story, bottle
6:30- put down to bed.....
7:30ish- went to sleep
9:30pm- woke up again for about 30 minutes
11:30pm-heard her playing in her crib for about an hour but didn't cry
2:30am- woke up but went back to sleep after 10 minutes
4:30am- woke up fed her 4oz and then she went to sleep within about 10-15min
6:30am- woke up for about 30-45minutes but was so tired that she could hardly pick up anything...she really just laid there (poor stubborn little girl :P)
7amish- fed her 3 or 4 oz. put down to sleep and now its 8 and is just now starting to give up...kinda...she cries every so often.

Today should be fun!! UGH but its going to be worth it. I hate this with a passion though.

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  1. You had a few victories last night! The 11:30 and 2:30 wakings were good for her. She was fine and got herself back to sleep! Celebrate the little things! Hang in there with the rest!