Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Orem trip/ March of Dimes walk

So this weekend we went up to Orem to see my sister Becky and her kids Sadie (4), Jessie (3), and sawyer (7 months). They were so fun and Jayda loved playing with Sawyer. Of course she was an ANGEL over at their house and didn't even make a peep. Then we got her back to the hotel room and she was a nightmare and would not sleep. On the last night we even had to leave at 1am because she just would not sleep in the hotel room so we figured we might as well be driving if we were going to be up all night. So we got her in the car and she threw up all over herself so we pulled over and changed her and then she threw up 2 more times but we caught it with a blanket. Finally she fell asleep and then when we got home she slept like all day long. She just could not deal with change that well....traveling with a baby is HARD!

But before that we had a blast seeing everyone. We went and walked in the March of Dimes walk but it was freezing cold but warmed up as the sun came up. Sadie and Jessie loved to make signs and flags in honor of jayda. Beck also took family pics for us. Jayda was SO good for the pics even though it was freezing. It was a lot of fun! Thanks Beck for the fun weekend!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fun at the Crapper Barrell

OK so its the cracker barrell but we call it the crapper barrell. Chase had the morning off so we decided to go out for breakfast and Jayda loved it and it was nice to get out. She was so tiny in her high chair that the holes in the strap were WAY too big for her tiny little tummy. They really do discriminate against tiny preemie babys don't they? :P She grabbed this piece of paper and put it in her mouth and it got stuck. It was funny. Also yesterday we finally got pics of Jayda standing with support. She's been doing it for awhile now but we just never got enough pics. There are also pics of her yesterday that were hilarious...she was crawling around and her pants came completely off. Mind you those pants were only 0-3month and they are too big for her! She is still mainly in 0-3 month onsies too but she is starting to get too big for them. Anyways just another shameless brag.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jayda's fun with Grandma

Here's some pics of J with my mom and at her house. She loves the change of scenery and is starting to army crawl everywhere now! Not to mention grandma loves to spend some time with her since she doesn't see her very often. When we dropped her off to go on a date night she was just grinning from ear to ear. She had a lot of fun at grandma's! She also was getting a kick out of those dogs and the dog absolutely loved her and kept licking her. And also another one of her getting stuck under her bouncy chair! She is all over the place!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jayda is 11 months old!

Can you believe it?! My little peanut is growing up too fast! She'll be a year in just a month??!? What a reality check! She is becoming such an easy baby and I love it (and deserve it with all we've had to deal with this last year!).

Here's a little about Jayda at 11 months!

-Jayda is the happiest when she first wakes up. She won't usually cry but starts laughing and just smiles right back up at you as if saying, "Good morning Mommy!"

-She has this funny chuckle that she does at the most random times.

-She is really starting to crawl across the floor by getting her knees up and scooting forward. She is trying to get her knees up so much that she will just dig her head into the ground as she puts her butt in the air. haha so cute!

-She loves to have whatever she can't i.e. my keys when I have to take them to drive.

-When you take away something she wants she lets you know how ticked off she is.

-She loves strawberries and lemons.....doesn't even make a sour face when you give her a lemon!

-The one thing that can always make her laugh/smile is when she looks in the mirror at herself.

-She is very social and is just content looking and at everything/everyone in the store.

-She loves to be outside on her walk and could go for hours!

-She is a little peanut and probably only weighs about 14 or 15lbs....but small things really do come in big packages and couldn't love her anymore!

-She won't go anywhere without her binki and will actually put it in herself.

-She sits like a pro.

-She has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen and every single person that stops me in the store comments on them.

-She is now sleeping through and the night and takes about 2 or 3 3hr naps a day. (hopefully this is routine and she isn't just going through a phase).

-She is our earlybird (surprise surprise) and wakes up around 6 or 7am.

-She HATES her carseat!

-She can stand with support.

-She LOVES her baths!

-She loves to play peekaboo.

-She is very impatient and impulsive like her mommy and daddy!

-She is very very curious.

-She has her two bottom teeth and working on more.

-She loves her daddy and her daddy adores her!

And that's just a tad bit about her....could go on and on but there just isn't the room! We love her so much and could not be more blessed.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Baby-led weaning

So lately I've started to grow interested in baby-led weaning which is the process of skipping pureed baby foods/spoon feeding altogether and just giving baby table foods to begin with. Although I still feed her purees I've started to give her more whole foods like big chunks of bananas, whole strawberries, and whole crackers/ baby mmm mmms. It's SO fun to watch her go at it and she LOVES being in control of what goes in her mouth. We just got a high chair and she loves her big girl chair. Today we gave her a strawberry and a baby cracker and she loved it. Here are some cute pics of her devouring her strawberry.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Biggest Loser

So there was an ironman race in my town yesterday. I live near Ivins where the Fitness Ridge that is sponsered by The Biggest Loser is. SO yesterday at the race we got to meet a ton of Biggest Loser Contestants/Winners. They included Filipe and Sione (had already met them before about a month before I delivered Jayda), Erik (Season 4? Winner who gained all his weight back but is now 100lbs down again and will weigh in at this seasons finale!), Suzy (her husband Matt won), Jim (he was the twin from season 2, his brother won and he won the at home prize), Seth (made it to the final four and came in 2nd, gained all his weight back but has lost 42lbs at fitness ridge), and then there was Dan Evans (didn't get a pic with him because he was preforming with his band but he looks pretty good still). A lot of them have gained all their weight back or at least some of it but it was still awesome to meet them!

Speaking of losing weight! I have lost 14lbs in 3 weeks! My goal weight is 115-120lbs...almost there I'm 128 right now! I haven't been this small though since right before I was married. Feeling good!

Me and Erik (season 4 winner), Me and Suzy

Filipe, Erik, Suzy, Jim, Seth, Sione