Sunday, May 2, 2010

Biggest Loser

So there was an ironman race in my town yesterday. I live near Ivins where the Fitness Ridge that is sponsered by The Biggest Loser is. SO yesterday at the race we got to meet a ton of Biggest Loser Contestants/Winners. They included Filipe and Sione (had already met them before about a month before I delivered Jayda), Erik (Season 4? Winner who gained all his weight back but is now 100lbs down again and will weigh in at this seasons finale!), Suzy (her husband Matt won), Jim (he was the twin from season 2, his brother won and he won the at home prize), Seth (made it to the final four and came in 2nd, gained all his weight back but has lost 42lbs at fitness ridge), and then there was Dan Evans (didn't get a pic with him because he was preforming with his band but he looks pretty good still). A lot of them have gained all their weight back or at least some of it but it was still awesome to meet them!

Speaking of losing weight! I have lost 14lbs in 3 weeks! My goal weight is 115-120lbs...almost there I'm 128 right now! I haven't been this small though since right before I was married. Feeling good!

Me and Erik (season 4 winner), Me and Suzy

Filipe, Erik, Suzy, Jim, Seth, Sione

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