Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Orem trip/ March of Dimes walk

So this weekend we went up to Orem to see my sister Becky and her kids Sadie (4), Jessie (3), and sawyer (7 months). They were so fun and Jayda loved playing with Sawyer. Of course she was an ANGEL over at their house and didn't even make a peep. Then we got her back to the hotel room and she was a nightmare and would not sleep. On the last night we even had to leave at 1am because she just would not sleep in the hotel room so we figured we might as well be driving if we were going to be up all night. So we got her in the car and she threw up all over herself so we pulled over and changed her and then she threw up 2 more times but we caught it with a blanket. Finally she fell asleep and then when we got home she slept like all day long. She just could not deal with change that well....traveling with a baby is HARD!

But before that we had a blast seeing everyone. We went and walked in the March of Dimes walk but it was freezing cold but warmed up as the sun came up. Sadie and Jessie loved to make signs and flags in honor of jayda. Beck also took family pics for us. Jayda was SO good for the pics even though it was freezing. It was a lot of fun! Thanks Beck for the fun weekend!


  1. Awww, I'm sorry that the trip was rough, but man she's cute!

  2. Wow bummer trip. But... she is cute. So its hard to be mad right ;)

    Love ya both!

    and YEAH for having a blog :D I just need to get on here and update it more often now.. :S

  3. Hey! I found your blog:) Now we can be blog buddies:). How was the rest of your weekend? It was so good to see you guys!! Happy birthday to Jayda in a few days!!