Sunday, April 21, 2013

Adventures at Disneyland

Man has it been busy the last little while! We went on a week long vaca with the fam. Not just the kiddos but we went with my wonderful inlaws which include Chase's parents, Karen and Kelly, and his siblings Caitlyn (her husband Taylor), Chelsea (17), Ciara (14), and Cason (11). His brother Cameron and his wife Natalie didn't make it since she is pregnant and he had to work (btw shes pregnant with ANOTHER girl for the family which 3/4 from my sister and 2/2 of mine are girls. I guess the girls in my family like to make girls!! Another reason Chase said we are done. haha.

It was a lot of fun but we didn't have the man power to just go in our car so we had to rent an SUV. We ended up getting upgraded randomly to a Ford Flex which was kinda awesome. But by the end of the trip I was so sick of that car! I forgot how crappy it was to travel with a baby! Especially when you're in bumper to bumper traffic most of the time to Cali!

At the genius idea of one of my longest and dearest friends, Pam, she suggested we break the trip up since we had the kids and come the night before and stay with her in Vegas. So we did that on the way there and the way back. It was a good way to go! Plus I was able to see my Aunt Robin and my Uncle Rod who I havent seen in awhile. It was great to chat and catch up with them!

We arrived in Oceanside on Sunday and just hung out and recouped from the trip. Monday was kinda a crappy weather day so we decided to stick around and just hang out. We went out to lunch with Cait and Taylor and then went bowling later that night. Tuesday we packed an overnight bag and stayed in Anaheim so we could be closer to Disney since we went two days.

When we were on our way to the hotel to get a parking pass Jayda told me she had to pee really really bad. We were just a few miles away from the condo but when youre a kid and ya gotta go, ya gotta go. So we ended up having to pull over on the side of the highway and I got her pants off. I told her to squat and go because there was no else. She seemed nervous about that and said, "But mom I'll get thorns in my butt." So I lifted her up (in her Cinderella dress, mind you) and put her in a seated position away from me and said, "Hurry, just go!" She peed for about 10 minutes.

Once we got there it was awesome to see Jayda enjoying herself. When we entered the park they asked Jayda what her name was and she told them. Chase and I looked at each other like, crap, maybe they are feeling her out for her age. Yeah thats right we rode her off as two, you've all done it. She told him and then he yelled out as she entered the park, "Here, Here, all hail Princess Jayda!" She had the biggest smile on her face. It was priceless. Ok...or it cost $350.

When we walked in immediately we saw Belle and suprisingly there wasn't a huge line for it so we jumped in. She was so enthralled with her! Then right after that we ran into Minnie, Mickey, and Pluto. I was shocked because the last time we were there we stood in line for 45 freakin minutes to meet Minnie! I was so pissed. I was like umm for how much money people have to freaking spend to come here they should have freakin doubles up in this joint! So I was kinda glad to see this time Mickey and his friends were actually WORKING instead of dicking around in the back. <

I don't want this to come off as ungrateful for the little monster because really it was just a error on our part but bringing a baby to Disneyland SUCKS! She was so good, dont get me wrong but shes still napping a ton during the day, not used to being outside in the hot sun and seeing these huge crowds and weird big Mouse people all day long. So it was a lot for a little baby to take in. Luckily at Disney they have a baby center you can stop at and rest, feed your baby, even pump if you need to (dont worry I didn't waste my time with that crap and my boobs looked like Frankenstein when we got back. Chase's eyes got wide and said GROOOOOSSS when I pulled those bad boys out to pump and they were square shaped monster honkers.). Anyways, it was nice but it was not really centerally located so we had to make our way back to that stupid baby center every 2 hours since Monster baby eats so much.

So pretty much it went stand in line for an hour for a 30 second kid ride, then maybe hit up another one before heading back to the baby center. I kinda felt bad for Jayda that she was reading books at a little table and chatting with ladies that looked like pioneers instead of riding rides but she seemed pretty content.

We didnt leave the park until around 8 or so and then walked to the Cheese Cake Factory right by our condo. Both of the girls were exhausted and fell asleep there.

The next day we were a bit more prepared and brought a blanket to go over the stroller to keep the sun out (I TOLD Chase we should have gotten a chariot double stroller, cheap arse!). We also went to California Adventures that day. I liked California Adventures much better because there was a lot more shade and not as many crowds it seemed. When we got there we immediately found where the baby center was instead. Then we headed to get a fast pass at the cars ride. Thats when Haven decided it was time. I was watching Chase and all of a sudden I saw a weird yellow liquid squirting all down his shirt. I thought Haven was throwing up or something but there she was chubby cheeks staring at me like "Wud up?" When I realized what was happening I just covered my mouth in shock. It was all over Chase and all over the ground. Luckily it wasnt all over her clothes which was surprising. So off to the baby center we went.

This day we were able to pawn off Haven to my inlaws (who were awesome btw) and ride some more rides which was nice. We also got away to do lunch BY OURSELVES! We had the best $35 cardboard pizza we could have asked for. I ended up eating Chases pasta instead. It tasted exactly like Hamburger helper or something. I could almost guarantee thats what it was (those chefs are actors paid by Disney), but they are laughing themselves to the bank. Regardless, it was nice to sit in the shade alone.

"Mucka" aka super grandma was such a help!

It was fun but we are def waiting until all kids who bear the Blake name will be at least 3 before we come again. Amen.

On Thursday Chase got up early and went deep sea fishing with the guys. He had fun but he was just so exhausted. Meanwhile, I stayed back and just hung out and recouped from our journey. I would've made the worst pioneer. We ventured out to go to the beach later that day. Luckily for us it was windy and butt cold but how often are you at the beach right? So I stuck Haven in the moby and we all walked down to the beach to wait for the guys boat to come in.

Chase smelled like death but he did manage to catch the biggest fish that day so he won the $100 prize! Later that night we had dinner on the pier with Chases parents. Then after that we went to the hot tub for a few minutes. I think out of it all Thursday was actually my favorite day.

Nothing feels better than walking in the door after a long trip. For a couple days I swear I assumed the fetal position on the couch and sucked my thumb to sleep. Ok thats a lie. I started working out this week and eating clean since I felt discusting after eating out so much and I still have about 15 lbs to get to my pre-prego weight and about 20 to my goal weight. Just this week I've lost 5lbs. Wud uppp!

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