Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jayda's latest milestone

Well, I have to admit I'm new to this whole thing so I am still learning how to add everything including tons of pictures so I guess I'll start small. :P

For those that aren't used to the "preemie" lingo, I'll explain what the whole adjusted age thing is. Since Jayda was born 3 months early she obviously does not do things developmentally along with her actual age. That would be nearly impossible to expect her to be 3 months ahead of what she should have been. So for the first 2 years or so we refer to actual and adjusted age. So adjusted age is as if she was born on or around her due date. For instance she is 10 months actual but really 7 months adjusted (from her due date). So she will do things more in line with those babies that are around 7 months old.

When she was about 5.5 months adjusted (8.5 actual) she started to sit for short amounts of time. We had to intice her by putting a toy in front of her and then she would fall over after about 10-15 seconds. Well this last weekend she has been such a sitting pro! She sits for several minutes at a time and won't tip over if she looks to the side or at something else. My little baby is just getting so big (well to me at least she's still 13lbs hehe).

She also is eating like a pro. This past week it was like something just clicked. She just wanted to eat tons of food! She went from eating 20-24oz a day to eating 28-33oz a day! And just gobbling it down! I love this new baby! They always said that one day it would be like a lightbulb went off and its SO true. It just happened one day! We're hoping it sticks! Now if we could just teach her how to sleep better at night things would be much better. :P

She also has gotten her two bottom teeth! They are really starting to poke up but its nearly impossible to get a pic just yet because they aren't completely up and she has learned she doesn't have to do her big mouthy grin but keep her mouth shut to smile. It's the cutest thing ever! We are so blessed! Finally things are starting to feel normal! Yeah!!


  1. I'm glad Jayda is doing so well. You guys have been so patient with her through her trek in life. She is sooo lucky to have such wonderful parents. Glad you joined the blogging world. :)

  2. yay! you caught on fast to how to do everything. i'm just slow and retarded i guess. haha! it's way cute and i love it! :)

  3. haha Mel. Yeah I am pretty computer savy so its fairly simple to figure out. Still confused on the banner though. If I can't figure it out I'll have you show me the next time you are over.

  4. yay ash!!!! im so excited your a blogger now :) i've always loved keeping up with you on bbc but this is a much better way to be virtual buddies ;)