Friday, August 13, 2010

Meeting Michael from The Biggest Loser!

So Chase is the best! Last week he won on the radio a chance for me to come down to the radio station and not only meet Michael (the last winner of the Biggest Loser) but also be on the radio and ask him a question on air! He is such an awesome guy and is so bubbly! I asked him on air about whether or not he still gets weak moments and what does he do when he sees his favorite foods. And he said that he treats himself to pizza or whatever every now and then but he just works before he plays so to speak. When he eats pizza he bikes to the pizza place or works it off, but that you have to treat yourself every now and then. Here's some pics of us and of me asking him the question on air! It was so awesome!

Also I was talking to one of the DJs and she is a big runner as am I. She was telling me about the half marathon in November and I decided I am going to run it! I am so scared but I still have awhile to train. I am already up to 7 miles which is great. She said that if I run in it too that I will be able to run with some former biggest loser contestants! How awesome would that be! I decided I am also going to run a 5k on September 25th to help train. It also is for something near and dear to me. It will be in honor of the Steps for Hope which is for "pregnancy Hope" which helps women have safe pregnancies and offers support.


  1. That's awesome Ashley! I'd totally do it with you if I was there. Tom and I were planning on the 10K in October that's in Zion, so I'm totally bummed I'm missing all of those! Ny the way you're looking awesome!!

  2. thats awesome Ash, I'd love to say I want to be able to run like that but I think we all know it'd be a lie :) thats cool you got to meet Micheal. One of Branden's friends grew up with Kholi and Sam in the same ward and he told Branden that they were applying to be on the Amazing Race.

  3. You will do awesome at the 1/2 Marathon. They are my favorite distance, perfect to fit in the training and long enough to feel like you've really accomplished something. Jayda will be so proud of her strong mom!