Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Update on Jayda's Clostridum Difficile

SO last Tuesday, Jayda started getting the runs really really bad. I figured maybe she caught a stomach bug or something when we went up to our family cabin, but after about four days of it getting worse not better. She was pooping about 8-10 times a day this really nasty green mucousy poop ( I know TMI right). Well the poor thing got such a bad diaper rash because she was pooping so much it actually started to bleed. So on Friday I took her to the doctor. He said the stomach bug was going around but that since she was getting worse and not better he wanted to tkae some stool samples. Let me tell you how FUN that was....not...all I gotta say is she better freaking know how much I love her because that crap (no pun intended) was GROSS!

So the labs came back on Monday and the Doctor told me that she tested positive for a bacteria in her intestines called CLostridum Difficile. He said it is caused by getting too many antibotics and it kills the healthy bacteria in her intestines and causes issues. It can be life threatening if not treated but it is pretty rare (more prevalent in elderly patients). The ironic thing is that in order to get rid of it they prescribe a very strong antibiotic. The problem is that she HATES it SO bad. Anytime we give it to her she gags and throws it up. It is nasty stuff and tastes like cough syrup. It takes two people to give it to her. One to squirt it in her mouth and the other to distract her so she doesn't gag and throw it up. We have to give her 8mls 3 times a day!! Thats A LOT! Plus we have to give her 4 mls of her reflux meds twice a day! Thats 32 mls of medicine a day! An little over an ounce! But good news is that is it really starting to work! She has only pooped once today (she usually poops 4 times in the first hour that she wakes up) and her diaper rash is already improving. We are also loading her up with probiotics. She is much much happier now though! Poor girl! It seems like its always something!

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  1. Oh man! That can not be fun, your poor little girl. Any way you can give her some doses of meds when she's sleeping. Sometimes when Clark wakes up in the middle of the night with a fever, but falls asleep while nursing before I can get him something I slip it to him (holding his head up a bit) while he's still asleep then I give him his binky to help him get it down.