Monday, November 1, 2010

Purple is the new Pink!

So with October fading away along with the pink I see on every product and every tv commercial, November begins with no purple at all.

Pink is everywhere. Purple is never to be seen. Purple is the awareness color of preematurity.

I'm not asking for a sob story because I'm sure those that started pink never did. They got out there and got results! I plan to do the same thing. So if I start to sound like a broken record....then stop listening cause SOMEONE has to sing that tune!

The fact still stands. Your chances of getting breast cancer is 1 in 8. But did you know your chances of having a preemie are also 1 in 8? That effects not only you but a helpless baby. Billions of dollars are spent every year on saving preemies and most of the time they can't even tell you why you had them early.

Did you know that Stevie Wonder is blind because he was preemature? He was born in a time when they didn't know that giving preemies too much oxygen could cause blindness or ROP (rentinopathy of preematurity). Now that they know this though, the rates of ROP have greatly declined.
That was my facebook status today. Everyday this week I am going to post a fact about preemies to educate those that don't know very much about preemies in honor or Preemie Awareness month. My hope is that one day purple will be the new pink. In that everyone will see purple and think preemie. Maybe one day....

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