Monday, December 17, 2012

When Is the Time?

So this is SO not what my blog is about and I try to stay away from politics but I couldn't help myself on this one.

I keep hearing over and over again,"Now is not the time to talk about gun control. Now is the time to remember the victims."

To an extent I agree. We should remember the victims, but I guess the question I have is WHEN is the time to talk about it? How many more of these horrific massacres do we have to have to wait to have this discussion? How many more victims have to be lost for us to do something about this?

It's gotten to an all time low. Little kids? Something Anything needs to happen. Needs to change.

I mean has our society come to a breaking point where I can't even go to Walmart in fear that some whack job is going to pull out an assault riffle and obliterate my entire family in 2 minutes?

That I have to second guess whether to send my kids to public school in fear that when they walk out that door it will be the last time I see them?

I don't think this debate has everything to do with guns. Evil is going to occur whether you have guns or not.

In my last semester of college for my senior project I wrote a psychobiography on Ted Bundy. I thouroughly researched psychopathy and the diathesis stress model which is a model that describes an individual's genetic vulnerability to a psychological disorder (like psychopathy) but doesn't come completely "online" until triggered by a life stressor.

My end conclusion was that we don't know for sure how or when psychopathy develops or why a small majority are violent and why a vast majority of them are not. All we know is that psychopaths don't change and they dont have the ability to feel empathy. Empathy is the emotion that drives us to not take advantage or hurt other people.

I keep hearing in the media. "Why?"

I don't think thats the proper question. We don't know why. I spent two semesters researching "why" psychopaths commit violent crimes and as it stands now not enough research has shown an answer.

And if thats not scary enough, because we don't know "why" we also dont have treatment. There is no treatment for psychopathy. The "treatment" is incarceration AFTER a crime has been commited.

It's estimated that 1 in 100 people in the general population are psychopaths. If you look at those that are incarcerated its 25 out of 100. Beyond that 75% of inmates could be classified as antisocial personality disorder.

This is a much bigger problem then just "guns".

So how do you stop the Timothy Mcveys? The Adam Lanzas? The Dylan Klebolds?

It's sure not by talking to them. You cannot talk sense into psychopaths just like we dont talk sense into terrorists. We are at war everyday and need to be prepared.

We protect ourselves and our families. That is the answer.

Psychopaths chose their victims carefully. They find the most vunerable targets. And last friday one chose 6 and 7 year olds. Scared, wide eyed beautiful little kids.

What could have stopped this from happening?

Not security...they had implemented a new security system.

Not strict gun laws...Connecticut has some of the strictest gun laws which is why last Tuesday when Adam Lanza tried to purchase a gun he couldn't. That didn't stop him.

Is it treatment of mental illness? We don't have treatment for psychopaths. And I find it hard to believe this guy wasn't a psychopath. And even if he had some other mental disorder the treatment offered still is not up to par.

I know it sounds like a counterproductive answer but I think the answer is in fact MORE guns.

What's one of the first things these ass hat shooters do when they hear the police coming? They shoot themselves in the head because they're cowards. They are no longer in control and they hate the fact that they soon will become the target.

We take the vunerability out of these victims. If citizens are allowed to carry a gun to protect themselves then these cowards wouldn't have to wait til the police arrived to be stopped.

It took 10 minutes for Adam Lanza to kill 20 children and 6 adults. 10 minutes. By the time police arrived on scene he was dead.

What would have last Friday looked like if a teacher had a gun? If there was an armed security guard at the least? I think a lot more people would have walked out that day.

Look at the shooting in Tucson. Jared Loughner killed 6 people but would have killed more (and most likely himself) but was stopped by civilians BEFORE the police arrived, saving many lives.

Again we saw this at the shooting in SLC at Trolley Square. Luckily there was an off duty police officer that intervened and saved many lives, but most victims are not that lucky.

I firmly believe in the 2nd amendment right to own a gun, but one thing I dont know if I agree with is the ability for citizens to carry assault type weapons. These weapons cause devestation in a matter of minutes and pose a serious threat to our society. 10 minutes to kill 26 people. Shot 3 to 11 times each.

"But its a hobby and its my right."

Nancy Lanza thought the same and her son got a hold of it and used it for evil. And I'm not saying it full proof. That some people won't obtain it, but I'm going to have a hard time believing that the average joe needs weaponry of that sort to protect themselves. And I don't personally see a need for it.

All I know is that as soon as I possibly can I am going to get my liscense to carry a gun and carry it wherever possible. And I know I'm not the only one. The rate of gun sales has doubled in the last couple of years.

And after Friday we wonder why.

I refuse to be another victim. I refuse to be stuck somewhere and not be able to protect myself or my children. And I refuse to be scared to walk out my door. Yes, its sad our society has come to this but what else is there to do?

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  1. Love this Ashley! We feel the same way that's why a few years ago when my husband got his concealed weapons permit I got mine too. Technically I guess we don't need one as Utah is an open carry state but I feel better having it all the same. What sucks is that so many places don't allow guns. Movie theaters used to but the last I saw there are "No Weapons Allowed" stickers posted on the doors. Stupidest thing I ever heard of. Didn't stop the batman killings. Problem is, I don't think people are going to get on board and agree with us any time soon and things are only going to get worse.