Thursday, November 29, 2012


Having two kids is a lot easier in theory. One thing I do have working in my favor is the length of age between them since I can explain to Jayda why I can't always pay attention to her. I seriously dont know how people have their kids closer in age and survive. Theres a couple two doors down from us that have been married 4 years and she is pregnant with their 4th kid. Her oldest is about the same age as Jayda. Insane. Everytime I see her I wave or say hello and she just stares ahead as if she doesnt hear me. I guess when you have that many kids under 4 you need to go to a completely different land.

For an example, last night I was trying to get the poly-vi-sol (iron supplement of death) into Haven without her puking it up. I was bouncing and doing pony tricks for her while walking into the living room. On the couch Jayda was watching tv completely naked and she was playing with her vagina. She had apparantly gone to the bathroom and decided to make a pit stop onto the couch before she re-dressed. But right then as my baby was gagging and my other kid was sitting with her hands all over her vagina I had a moment where I thought, This is really my life right now.

True story: Right after my 32 week appointment I came home to Jayda screaming in pain that her vagina hurt. She wouldn't pee all day long and when I looked at it she just screamed. So I decided to take her to the doctor since I figured maybe she had a UTI or something.

We get to the doctors and she refused to pee in the little hat. So we had to take it home and I made her pee in it. She cried the entire time that she didnt want to. She finally peed in it and I was able to get the sample. So we headed off to the lab to drop it off.

I swear between me and Jayda that lab has seen more of our bodily fluids then I care to admit. Keep in mind at this point I was 32 weeks pregnant, still had the deformed face, swollen like a water buffalo and I was panting and sweating like a 500lb man. I just wanted to NOT go to the lab anymore and just lay down. On the way home from the lab Jayda said, "Thanks mommy, I feel ALLL better now. My vagina doesn't hurt anymore."

You have got to be shitting me.

The only thing I can think of is that she was just repeating what I was saying to Chase all the time. I would always say, "My VAGINA hurts!" or "My poor VAGINA bones!" And after seeing Haven's head after she was born I can now see why.

No, but really I have yet to fully understand just how difficult it is going to be because I haven't really been by myself for the entire day. Chase has so graciously worked mainly from home in the day which has helped a lot. At night he has to go to his second job but Jayda's in bed by 7:30-8 so its not that big of a deal. Plus theres been a lot of tv and finger painting action in this house. Chase is the man. I'm so lucky to have such a great hubby that helps so much because I know thats that not always the norm. i.e. football hunt dad

Jayda's coping great. She hasnt gotten jealous and always has to go check on baby Haven sleeping. Haven is a great baby. She rarely cries, just grunts when she wants something. She has been waking up every couple of hours at night which is exhausting but once she eats shes pretty much back to sleep. She does like to be held and lay in bed with me but thats not that big of a deal which is suprising since I'm not a cuddly type of person. Sometimes I just look at her and start to tear up because I love her so much. So that probably helps some.

Today I felt guilty that I hadn't paid much attention to her and so I decided to color with Jayda. I was kinda proud of my picture. They look like "partners" if ya know what I mean.

I took Haven to her first ped appt on Monday since its protocol to get them in soon after they have been released from the NICU just to make sure they are eating and gaining weight. We go to Dr. Cain who was actually my OB when I was pregnant with Jayda. He is a family physician but does OB stuff too. He was awesome and came and checked up on Haven several times in the NICU. One day as I was pumping and had the girls out I hear a knock on the door but I didnt bother to cover up since everyone in the world it seemed had seen them so I didnt even think about it. You know when the housekeeper comes in and mops around you and doesnt say a word really everyone could care less about your boobies. He comes walking in and quickly walks back out around the curtain embarassed. Don't know why since he looks at vaginas all day long. Figured a little boob pumpage wouldnt really affect him.

Same when we were getting discharged and Dr. Carrol (the neo) walks into the room as I was breastfeeding. The NNP whispers in my ear to cover my boob up and I felt embarassed that I wasnt embarassed. I figured he was there during my delivery and saw my wide open vagina with a head sticking out of it a little nip wasnt gonna be the end of the world...but again guess not.

Anyways at the drs, they weighed her and she was 5lbs 9oz and was 19 in long. The night before she was discharged she was 5lbs 2oz so not too shabby especially since its mostly from my breastmilk and the goal is an ounce a day. The dietician said that soon we wouldnt have to fortify her bottles with neosure anymore since my breastmilk seems to be doing the job. The doc was impressed. He said Haven would probably be beating Jayda up really soon but then retracted when he said but Jayda will probably still be able to out run her. Aint that the truth.

It was amazing to have such a boring appt! He wants me to bring her in for another weight check in a couple weeks just to make sure everything is going ok but that everything looked great so far. I forgot to ask about the synagist shots which I was told she will qualify for since she was preemie. They are supposed to help babies with compromised immune systems..mostly preemies and babies with heart defects fight RSV better if they get it. Jayda got them and still got RSV but she did extremely well. The NICU told me that she couldnt get her first shot til December 1st because thats when RSV season officially starts and most insurance companies wont even cover it until then.

Overall, were doing great and I couldn't be happier!


  1. Hmmm, I'd always wanted kiddos fairly close but now you've got me second guessing. Ha! Well that and the fact I know it's not so easy to just "predict" when you'd like to conceive...there's that of course.

    Crazy those docs are so gun shy on the girls being out. I have no shame either, but I'm sure some women get embarrassed, so they just have to be on the safe side and be extra respectful. I'm sure they've had a few go postal if they weren't sensitive enough to their privacy. I think you're right though...all pride is gone once you've already seen my vajayjay.

  2. I can totally relate to the boobs hanging out. At one point after I had Lydia I just didn't bother any more to cover up.... SO many people (nurse, doctors, LCs) had seen my boobs. And I'm normally I VERY modest person. I'm surprised someone told me to cover up. Frankly, I'd be pissed. Glad you're doing well!


  3. I just figured get all of the sleep deprivation out of the way at once lol! Anyway you do it, I can't imagine parenting is hard and adding that second one in is even harder. Glad she's doing well and hope you are too!