Monday, January 21, 2013

My life with Justin Bieber

Being a mommy is exhausting. I love it of course but I forgot how exhausting having a little baby during RSV season can be so constricting. I'm starting to get out more but I'm still terrified my little baby is going to get sick so I dont take her out much.

Last night during the hour span I had of sleeping between the next waking I had a dream that I was making out with Justin Bieber. He was really into it. Of course. But I think I kind of blew it. I kept interrupting asking him if he had seen Les Miserables and if he cried. I can't believe the only dream I've had in weeks was making out with a hairless multimillionaire little boy. Kinda gross.

So another reason I've been exhausted is because my poor hubs has been working his butt off with his two jobs. So essentially he's been leaving at 9-10am and not coming home til 10:30-11pm every day. Some days I feel like a single mom. Props to single moms. And super mad props if they can even brush their hair. Some days I can't even poop, shower, and eat until Chase gets home from work.

Ok now I'm being dramatic. Its really not that bad most days.

Good news is I'm one essential oil away from being the biggest hippy I thought I'd ever be. First starting with the all natural vbac, then with the breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and now I've taken up baby wearing. Its really the only way I can get things done most days and she absolutely loves it. Shes so squished in there she instantly falls asleep. Harvy Karp is really onto something with this 4th trimester crap.

The problem is I've been having some back issues which is really ticking me off. It feels like I have a charlie horse in my neck at random times throughout the day. The pain is so debilitating I can barely walk without exrutiating pain. But if I ice it and lay down for even a few minutes most times it resolves on its own. Kind of ironic that now I have my baby its so painful just to hold her.

More good news is Chase made salary at Farmers!! So that means soon we wont be poor anymore! He's still going to work at Red Robin a couple nights a week just to keep extra cash coming in for the fun of it errrr to save it to get into a day!

I feel like at last things are finally starting to look up. Chase is in a more stable job with a more stable income. I finally have my little baby and Jayda has a sibling. I'm finally graduated--now we need Chase to jump on it. I just feel more like a complete family and I could not be more grateful.

Yesterday was Haven's blessing. She was not digging the huge dress, but she looked adorbes in it (I have been watching Guilianna and Bill waayyyy too much). We had a fun time getting together with family and friends after too. Pam and Kenny came all the way from vegas so that was awesome. My grandparents and Aunt Becky came from Logandale.

We're also hoping to move in the next month or so to a bigger place. We found some town homes that are right by my best friend who just had a baby as well and its next to the river so Jayda can go play in the summer. Its also the same price we'd be paying over where we are at but the place we are looking at has a 2 car garage and a little back yard. Plus its an actual town home and not an apartment. We're hoping that works out!

I went running for the first time the other day and it was quite hilarious. I felt like such a wimp dying at 3 miles when that used to be an easy day. I'll get back...slowly. I miss running so much though. I also want to get rid of the baby weight.

The other day I stepped out of the shower and Jayda asked me what the squiggly squaggly lines on my tummy were from. I told her I survived a bear attack. Bad news shes now afraid of bears. Good news she's not afraid of having kids. Maybe I'll hang that in my holster until shes a teenager.

After 2 days of excercising and watching what I ate I lost 5lbs but the problem is my milk supply tanked. So I need to find a balance which is hard to do when I'm running on not a lot of sleep. I'll figure it out but from experience after I had Jayda I learned that I can kill myself in the gym and have an on point diet but if I'm not getting sleep then I dont shed a pound.

So for the most part were one of the same. Still slowly trying to work shirts and pants into my daily routine. One day. Oh the kind of worry I'm dealing with these days. Poor me.

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  1. Yes, kudos to all the moms and double kudos to dads working two jobs for the moms to stay at home. I love that you're getting so much quality time and even more that you're getting all crunchified and wearing babies now!

    Cute blessing pic, and I'm so happy to hear how well things are falling into place perfectly for you. Bear attack...omg, I'm dying! Justin Bieber has got nothing on you btw....I'm convinced he was born a girl. Hairless multimillionaire little boy is about right! lol You crack me up!