Monday, October 18, 2010

A little bit about Chase and I

So everytime I write on my blog its always about what jayda is doing...which is great since she is such a fun little girl but I noticed that I haven't mentioned anything about what Chase and I have been doing.

For the past few months I have been training for the half marathon that I am running on the 6th of November. I started running a little bit after Jayda came home but even a couple miles killed me. I would run every now and then to try to lose the baby weight and I ended up losing 25lbs! Wahoo! I would still like to lose 10 more pounds before we get prego with #2 (hopefully we will be this next year!) but we shall see since my cycle has been all over the place with training for the marathon. Anyways, now I am up to 9.1 miles! It took me 1:34 to do that. So I'm not very fast but hey 9 miles aint too shabby so no complaints here. :) The one stupid thing that I did today though was I forgot to stretch before i ran so now I am SO sore and am limping. Not so smart. One thing about running to that is nasty is I have these nasty blisters on my feet. After I run my marathon I'm gonna go get some serious pedicures (poor person that has to do that haha). I am really getting nervous but excited though! Can't wait!

Other than that I am going to school. I am taking 2 classes: American Government and Sociology. I particularly like my gov class because I have learned so much and love that my teacher is very impartial in his views. These classes are pre-reqs for my degree. I am getting my associates this fall (could have gotten it a long time ago but was slacking). I was majoring in intergrated studies: psychology and communications but they recently brought the U of U degree in social work down so I want to do that. But I think I may just double major since I am already half way through that major. I still need to go talk to my counselor though. My end goal is to be a social worker in a childrens hospital. Its good because I already have connections since we lived at the hospital for 3 months and already have talked to the social worker in the NICU about an internship. She told me that she will have me rotate and be not only in the NICU but high risk, MFM, antipartum, postpartum, PEDS, etc. What a dream job!!!

Chase just got promoted to assistant manager at State Bank of Southern Utah. He is also going to school through University of Pheonix majoring in business aminstration. His end goal is to get into commercial lending if he can. He should be done around next december. Its really nice because he can do most of his homework online at work so when he gets home he can spend time with Jayda and I. Chase has also lost 20lbs just from eating better and cutting portion control! He wants to lose more but I think he looks good! If he could have his way he would be golfing or playing softball everyday. He really got into his work's softball league this past summer. He is SOOOO competitive! haha like me!

Chase is such a good daddy and Jayda just loves him. She gives her daddy hugs so much and when he walks in the door she just beams from ear to ear. She loves her daddy!

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