Saturday, October 9, 2010

NICU reunion

So I am a little late posting this but figured I should for our "records" :P. So wednesday we went to the NICU reunion at Stalehi Farms. There were farm animals, swings, and a cow train. We had a blast seeing all the nurses, drs, and other families that we were in the NICU with! The only crappy part is now Jayda is sick AGAIN! Poor little girl gets EVERYTHING! The first pic is of Roylaine and Brynlon. They were our roomies for about a month and she was also a 26 weeker. Then we have Maci and her mom (cant remember her name!) she was a 23 weeker who had a twin sister that did not make it. She is doing amazing though. Also in that pic is Emily. She was one of our primary nurses and I love her! Then the guy in the hat and plaid shirt is Dr. Eggert who was one of Jayda's Neonatologists. Then the other pic is of Chase and Dr. Riddout. He was another Neonatologist of Jayda's and one of my faves. He is a character thats for sure!

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