Monday, September 27, 2010

ER fun!

Well yesterday was a BLAST! Jayda had been sick since about wednesday/thursday just throwing up but otherwise her normal happy self. We figured that she just had allergies and some post nasal drip so she was just trying to get rid of the gunk. Nope. We dropped her off at my parents house Saturday night because my mom wanted to see her since they hadn't for awhile and it was going to be a nice break since this week was rough for us with the puking 25 times a day. Needless to say I was D-O-N-E with puke.

We went to pick Jayda up yesterday from my mom's house and she looked HORRIBLE! She wouldn't stop throwing up and she just was not her normal looking self. Her eyes were all red, sunken in, she was lethargic, fussy, etc. So we decided to take her straight over to the urgent care. They took one look at her, took her back right away (even with a whole waiting room full of people) and the nurse looked her over for a minute and said "she is WAY too sick for us to take care of. You need to head straight over to the ER and get some fluids in her". So we did.

We got there and we went back and they said she is definatly dehydrated because of how lethargic she was and her eyes were so sunken in. It took 3 or 4 IV pokes (not sure because I left I couldn't handle seeing her in so much pain...I've been through months of that to last me a lifetime thank you!). They finally got the IV in her and she was PISSED! I guess she puked she was so mad. Poor thing.

They took blood labs and wanted to get stool samples to see if she had c-diff again but her stool was too liquidy and wasn't enough so they sent us home with a cup (fun fun stuff!!). The Dr. came in and said that he had gotten about 10 kids just today with the same thing and that its just a really bad virus going around that should last anywhere from 7-10days. He said of all the kids that had come in there was probably only 1 that looked worse than Jayda. We waited a few hours for all the blood to come back. They wanted to check to see if the acid levels in her blood showed she needed to be admitted. Luckily it was normal but he said she definatly needed the fluids and that her kidney function levels showed that she was very dehyrdated. He said he almost ordered a bone needle she looked so bad (a bone needle is where they have to drill a hole in their bone and deliver fluids straight to their bone marrow).

The one good thing about how sick she was though was that we got tons of cuddles from her. She just snuggled right in and feel asleep in her daddy's arms (which she HAS NEVER done willingly). Then after they put the IV in she was mad at her daddy because he helped hold her down (took 4 people), so she cuddled up to me and fell asleep on my chest. And anytime a nurse walked in she would scream. She was SO tired though and finally just let her poke her foot without even waking up! Poor thing.

She is feeling a lot better today....just sleeping a lot. They gave us so Zofran for us to give her so she doesnt throw up as much. Then only give her 1 oz of fluid every 15 min. so she doesnt throw it all up. Now the poor thing has horrible diaper rash again so today we are going to the dr to follow up and will have to get some more of that magical butt cream. Hope she feels better soon though, Luckily Chase is taking off today and tomorrow so she'll have both her mommy and daddy! That girl just needs a break and we wouldn't mind one either from all this sickness!


  1. I'm so glad she didn't have to be admitted, or have the bone IV thing. But still, the poor girl!

  2. Oh poor girl. I hope she feels better soon!