Thursday, September 9, 2010

These shoes were made for walking!

So today we took Jayda outside today wearing shoes! Last time at the reunion when we tried putting them on her she just stood there looked at her feet like what the hell are these things and then sat down and did a stink bug crawl. So today I thought it was going to be a complete failure but it wasnt!! She was SO happy to be outside walking around! She loved it! I held her hand down the sidewalk for a few minutes and then she wanted me to let her do her thing! She is definately independent! She also does this really funny thing with her arm and just hangs it there in the air like the pic on the right. Its so funny!

We took her to the park too and she walked around the whole park. It's so funny people at the park were looking at Jayda weird because she was so small walking around. She loved it though. When we got home and I let her walk outside our apartment and she got so ticked when I brought her back inside. She kept pointing out the window and then I let her on the ground and she flipppppppped out! haha So I took her out for some more and she probably would've walked around the neighborhood if I had let her! ha She is too funny!

Oh and I tried to upload a video but it just wont work dang it!


  1. How cute! I love it when babies first try walking in shoes! It's adorable.