Wednesday, September 15, 2010

15 month dr appointment

Well we went to the doctor a few days ago for Jayda's 15 month appointment (one year adjusted). Before we went though we went to Red Robin for lunch. Jayda was going at the fries! She ate like 3 fries! And Red Robin fries are huge! Then she took several bites of Chase's hamburger! She was eating like a pig haha! The workers thought she was so cute and they brought her a balloon to play with and she thought it was pretty awesome. :D

So then we headed over for her appointment. She got 2 immunizations and has done pretty well with them except she is a bit cranky and really tired but thats worth it to me! She was 16lbs even and 27 1/2 inches long. So she didn't gain anything in a month. I'm not worried though at all and neither is Dr. Cain. He wants her to come back in a month to weigh her again just to see if she is gaining. Then if she isn't then we will have to do something. But we think that its just because she started walking and she is burning a TON of calories and plus she had C-diff twice and a cold sooooo I didn't expect her to gain too much. Plus like Chase told the dr. thats 16 times bigger than she was when she was born :D.

We're really trying to push the solids now and she has actually done really well. She ate like a pig yesterday so I don't think she'll have a problem gaining weight. When she started walking she stopped eating as much and was on the go constantly because it was something new for her, but she's calmed down a lot. Plus I love her being little. Its so cute! Here is some pics of us at Red Robin. She is starting that phase of starting to throw temper tantrums. Yes we are that family now where their little kids are screaming and kicking their feet in public. Such a FUN part of development....

Then here is a picture of Jayda and Dr. Cain. He is the one that helped deliver her!


  1. so cute! it's nice when they want to try your food. then they get older and they don't want it. they want the same things everytime.

  2. How sweet! I love Chase's comment about it being 16 times bigger than she was when she was born. haha. Totally jealous though about Red Robin! We LOVE that place, but there isn't one here. :(