Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Anyone that reads my blog knows that I use blogging to release pent up feelings that I have. I started out venting about my horrible experience having a micropreemie and then that turned into my battle with secondary infertility. Sometimes I felt like a broken record crying about the same thing over and over again. In fact, I have many drafts I never published because I felt like such a whiner.

Many people have told me that reading my blog has been inspirational for them to stay real throughout this whole experience. Because anyone who has been through this knows that there can be some ugly feelings going through such a lonely journey. No one gets that unless they've been in your shoes. Many people will be quick to judge you and call you an awful jealous, selfish person because you don't want to bask in pregnancy talk 24/7. But luckily you quickly learn (or for some, not so quickly) those people were never your friends. Friends are there for you even on those ugly selfish days. They recognize that not everyone is perfect and that sometimes you just want to give the world the finger.

After my appointment for my IUI I was very depressed. I couldn't believe this was my life. One of my good friends told me that I was due for something good very soon. That after all the crap we have been through something good had to be coming. Little did I know at that very moment a little emby was traveling down my tube getting ready to snuggle in nice and tight.

The past few weeks have been great. I've had a relatively worryfree pregnancy (no bleeding as of yet to speak of). I saw a sweet little bean today on ultrasound who's heart was beating away at 156bpm measuring in at 7weeks 5days. I go in a couple of weeks to get another one to see the heartbeat again.

My hubby got an amazing job working for Farmer's Insurance as an insurance agent. He'll be making double if not triple what we are making now. Some may not know how dark last year was for us (more ways than one) because my hubby got laid off from his job as an Assistant Manager at a bank. So he's been waiting tables at Red Robin. All at once, a job was lined up and he was hired on the spot. He's still working at Red Robin until he gets liscenced and he gets on base salary after he sells his quota of initial clients.

In other good news... I finally graduated with my Bachelor's in Psychology last week. I officially got my grades back today and so it's official! I'm a freaking educated WO-man! I'm going to take a year off (perhaps study and take my GRE in the meantime) and just bask in hopefully a newborn in November or December and then start up grad school next year!

And look at how presh my little girl is? Her and her daddy have been sick the last few days (luckily I have seemed to bypass that....hopefully) and they took a little nap together on the couch. It was cute but I was also eagerly awaiting him waking up so he could get me my Red Robin soup I had been craving since 9 in the morning. BTW the folks at Wendys open at 9am. They've seen me many a morn. Don't judge me!


  1. So happy for you Ashley, looks like you guys are getting some well deserved rewards in life. And a big CONGRATS on graduating, no easy thing especially with a kid. Take care!

  2. Agh does your Wendy's have breakfast? I love Wendy's breakfast so no judgement here. I'm so excited for our girls night to see your face

  3. No! Nasty no breakfast! Lunch! Number 1 and a orange fanta! Lol

  4. Bahahaha, that is what you get for talking smack on my wendys run a couple of weeks ago.

    In other words though, YAY about seeing a perfect bean with a perfect heartbeat! I was anxious to hear how that went today :) glad it went so well! Congrats to Chase, and Congrats to you, too. You guys deserve all this great news. Aaron & I couldn't be happier for your little GROWING family!!! Love you