Monday, April 30, 2012


Last night I couldn't sleep because of 1. worry 2. cramping on my left side that had been going on for a few days.

My first thought. Oh shiz it's ectopic or a cyst. I tossed and turned all night long. Googled and googled ectopic. Horror stories, really. Literally had me shaking in my little boots because what was some of the risk factors of ectopic? Infertility. Of course. That biatch infertility.

Called right at 8:30 this morning and my dr isn't in all day because of surgeries. And so I talked to his medical assistant Kristi. I started crying when I was talking to her because I was just so worried. She was super understanding and said that she had talked to the doctor and he wanted me to come in and get another beta to see if my levels were funky (common with ectopic) and to get a urine sample.

So I went in and got the blood drawn although we ended up throwing it out later. Went to give a urine sample, looked down and knew right away something was wrong. Sorry if this is TMI but it had chunks in it. I went up to her and said, "Uhh my pee has chunks in it? Is that normal?" Immediately she knew what was wrong.

We went in the back where they have the lab and she was almost certain I had a UTI. She ran it and explained to me how pregnant women are more prone to them because the baby is sitting right on their bladder and hormonal changes during pregnancy don't mix well with a short urethra. So it came up immediately that I had a UTI. Big phew!

She said it was a big problem that I wasn't downing enough fluids either because my kidneys are probably having a hard time not getting enough fluids. I've just been puking a lot. Drinking too much water makes me throw up but I just need to force myself to drink a little at a time. I also got gatorade and cranberry juice.

But if it came right down to it I'd rather be puking and being reassured than feeling great with tons of energy doubting there is even anything in there.

I'm still pretty crampy and tender but hoping that subsides in the next couple of days once the antibiotics set in. I'm so glad I went in and got this figured out and didn't wait for it to travel to my kidneys!

Can't wait til next week to see the little bugger on that screen!


  1. I got those for the first time ever when I was pregnant and kept getting them all through out. Finally they just had me take the antibiotic until I had her just to keep it away.

  2. sorry ashley! those are not fun. if it helps any, i got one the day of jury duty and had to literally sit in pain, pinching off burning pee sensations in the courtroom, until they finally figured out they didn't need me! feel better!