Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

Jayda got spooooiled! On Saturday we went over to the inlaws house and Jayda did a little easter egg hunt and got her own basket from "Mukah" and "Grampie". I think she's had enough candy to clog my  arteries, but hey that's what Easter's all about.

In fact I asked Jayda what the real meaning of Easter was to which she relied enthusiastically, "CAKE!"

On Sunday she woke up and got her basket from us, which she loved. We went to church, didn't take a nap, and then went over for round two at the inlaws. They had a big family dinner that I ended up having to unbutton my pants it was so dang much food. Then she had another little easter egg hunt and decorated eggs. Chase was like a bump on a log because he is not feeling too good but hey he still showed up for the food. Thats all that matters.

Then today I got to watch my hubby's cousin's 6 month old baby, Korvin. He was a freakin doll and gave me my baby fix for the day. I can't wait to add another little babes to the Blake clan. Jayda would be such a good sissy.

Then my mom came over to watch Jayda while we went to our doctors appointment. She just got back from Disney World and spoiled Jayda with a bunch of Mickey Mouse stuff.

She's my favorite. Sweet little bug!

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