Friday, April 13, 2012

Jayda. Eating. Chiropractor.

Jayda is such a little bum. Literally she has no bum. She is nearing 3 years old *sobs* and is only 21lbs or so. I come from a breed that doesn't believe in forcing my child to eat. I figure kids are better at regulating what they need more so then adults are. If anything we can learn from them not to gorge ourselves with food and truely eat for fuel. But lately I've noticed that she is just not gaining. Granted she never gained that great but she was following her little itty bitty growth curve and all was well. For some reason she has just plateaued.

So I had a friend that suggested an acupunturist for my fertility stuff that is also an acuptunturist/chiropractor for kids (thanks Juli). I was super reluctant about it since that just sounds super duper freaky. I figured we'd give it a try since I had a coupon for a free visit and I wanted to check her out before I went in for my acupunture.

She said she couldn't do acupunture on her because she was just too young to understand and it could be traumatic for her. Understandable. So she decided to readjust her because she said that sometimes kids who never seem to be hungry (totally Jayda) then it could be some kind of intestinal issue that needed to be worked out (not far off considering she had an intestinal blockage). So she kind of rubbed her tummy and back and did some adjustments. Super fast.

Jayda was freaked to say the least. She's a very independent little girl but she wanted her MOMMY!

She also gave me some dietary tips for her. I need to feed her on a schedule to get her metabolism moving. Big breakfast, snack, big lunch, snack, big dinner, snack. Try and get more proteins in her and change her from soy milk to almond milk or organic milk. Also to replace regular yogurt with Greek yogurt since it has more fat and protein.

It's so difficult to feed her because all she wants is crap. She'll eat brocolli, carrots, bananas, and apples and oranges (every now and then) but thats about all the veggies or fruit she will eat.

Although the appointment was kinda traumatic for her I think its helped A LOT! She has started eating so much more! I try to offer her food as much as possible but she usually just takes two bites and says, "I full. I not want it." But today she kept saying, "Mama, I'm SO hungry."

Just this morning she has eaten 1/2 a bowl of oatmeal, 1/2 a banana, 8 oz of almond milk, a string cheese, and some popcorn. AMAZING!

We'll see if this does the trick!

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