Tuesday, October 2, 2012

28 weeks 5 day Appointment

Had another ultrasound and drs appt today. It was pretty routine thankfully and unfortunately kinda a boring ultrasound because of Havens position. She was pretty squished onto my right side so it was hard to see her. She LOVES to just curl in a ball and pretty much hang out in my right hip and rib. Her legs were up by her head and her head was smashed into my cervix. Running out of room! Yay!

At first the tech couldn't see my cervix at all. That kinda freaked me out when she's like uhhh I cant see your cervix. Ekk. but she said it was because at this point the baby's skull is becoming more calcified and so its more shadowy and hides it. Plus she was smashed down in there pretty good. So she said that she had to go in via vaginal ultrasound to check. She asked the dr if he wanted her to do it and he said, "More than I want anything in the world. Of course." Luckily it was still measuring great at 3.46 which my dr said probably gives me another good 2 weeks of not worrying about going into preterm labor. We'll do 2 more cervix checks and then wont check it anymore since after 32 weeks cervix measurements dont really tell you anything as you can naturally start to shorten or efface around that time anyways.

My contractions are much better and I'm not having to take the contraction meds as much anymore. Mostly if I need to get out and do errands. He said it was a great thing that I only take it when I need them because after awhile the effect wears off so when you really need them they wont do anything.

My dr was stoked with how everything looked. He walked into the room and stuck the ultrasound pics on the wall and said I just want to hang this on the wall not only because you make cute babies but because everything else looks so beautiful! He also asked me how I felt actually being in the 3rd trimester finally! And honestly, I feel great but I also feel like a FTM again because I dont know what to expect. Everything is so new to me! Its so crazy to think I have an almost 3lb baby in my stomach! It took us FOREVER to get Jayda to 3lbs!

There was one thing that concerned me. Me more so than the dr but still worried me none the less. My blood pressure was a little high around 138/60 (I think that was the bottom number but honestly was more focused on teh 138 part. The nurses seemed more concerned with it then the dr but he said in the 3rd trimester it can be normal for your blood pressure to rise a little. We'll obviously keep watching it but he doesn't think it will be an issue (lets freaking hope!).

Oh and he's giving me antibotics for my sinus infection that I've had for about 3 weeks now. I seriously cannot sleep at night because I'm so miserable with a stuffy nose, post nasal drip, and a sore throat. Thank goodness! Hopefully that gets rid of it.

Otherwise, it was an incredibly boring appt and I like it that way!

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  1. Sounds like a great check-up! So glad to hear you are having less contractions and that things are cruising along so nicely!