Saturday, September 22, 2012

Jayda naps and Update on Chase

So as I said in another post about Jayda was that our little bug was done with naps. And for the most part that is true. No matter how tired she is she will not sleep in her own bed away from everyone. Even if she falls asleep in the car the minute we put her in her bed she just starts bawling that she doesnt want to sleep in her bed. So we've just let her fall asleep wherever and that seems to help a lot. These are just a few snapshots of her naps throughout the house.
This pic was when I was about 18 weeks. I'm much bigger now... (I'll be getting my maternities soon so I'll keep you updated on the bump). Jayda will fall asleep SO easily if I tickle her back and this is when she fell asleep on my legs.
She loves Seasame Street and will fall asleep to it a lot. She refuses a pillow but falls asleep against the couch with her little green blanket. Anything to get her to sleep!
One time I found her in my bed fast asleep. She had been playing on my memory foam with her beach tools acting as if she was at the beach and fell asleep instead. I love my little bug!

Oh and update on Chase. I feel all I do is talk about me or Jayda but Chase is such a hard worker and has helped me so much! So he's still working at Red Robing as a bartender/server at nights. But he is officially now selling insurance with Farmers! He works there in the day time and then Red Robin at night. Luckily with Farmers he can pretty much come and go as he pleases. Its just up to him to make his quota of selling 40 pieces of insurance and 4 pieces of life insurance in 3 months.

Right now he is working at both because he cant get on salary until he meets his quota but he does get commission. But comission defintely is not solid by any means so we need to be sure that we get enough to cover all of our bills. So he is busy working hard! The earliest we will be getting on salary is January because they wont put anyone on salary in November or December because its their slowest months. I think its kinda a stupid rule especially if he meets his quota but thats the rules. Whatever. It should be interesting when I have the baby and he's working 2 jobs! We're so proud of him though. And poor Jayda misses her dad. He'll come and go throughout the day and she'll be like where are you going daddy? And he'll say I'm going to work. She'll say so frustrated AGAIN?!


  1. It sounds like you have an amazing hard working hubby. What a blessing to have one of the good ones! I'm sure it's hard for him to go to work when he hears Jayda saying that, but hope he can enjoy it while it lasts. Not too many years from now, I bet she'll become little Miss Independent!

  2. Wow, your hubby is awesome! I love men who do what the need to do to get the job done. Go Chase!