Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Milestone

Today marks 24 weeks 6 days which is the exact day in Jayda's pregnancy that my water broke and everything spiraled out of control.

Last night, or more like this morning I couldn't sleep. Mostly a mix of not being able to get comfortable then when I finally do get comfortable realizing that I need to pee. All the while trying to keep the million pillows out of the way of Chase whos huddled in the corner of the bed. Poor guy. But between that time and me being pretty much wide awake of course my mind wandered to over three years ago when I was the exact same weeks and days pregnant with Jayda and my night went much much different. Hip pain, shmit pain...pahhleease.

It was around 2a.m. and I woke up to a bad crampy feeling. I thought hmm well thats strange, but she was moving around a ton so I decided to go to the bathroom and check to see if everything was ok and then I headed back to bed. I figured she was still alive in there so I didnt think much of it. Around 5a.m. I woke up to worse cramping. It did not feel normal at all. I went to the bathroom and there was bloody discharge (sorry tmi). I woke Chase up immediately and said get up, I'm bleeding we need to go. I threw on some basketball shorts and a hoodie and literally we were gone in 2 minutes.

Luckily we only live 2 minutes away from L&D so we got there right away. Problem was I didnt know exactly where L&D was since we hadn't gotten that far in the pregnancy yet. Chase parked in front of the oncology department by emergency services and I tried to go through the doors but they were locked. I was freaking.out. I still don't understand it now but I literally ran up the stairs around the hospital trying to find where the hell I was supposed to go. Finally I reached L&D and had to call to be let it. I tried to stay as calm as possible but when I arrived at the desk I said I'm 25 weeks and bleeding and I was shaking like a leaf. Later they told you are 24 weeks 6 days. That was the first time I realized just how important every day is.

The nurses immediately rushed me back, had me give them a urine sample, and get into a gown. They also hooked me up on the monitors to see if I was contracting. Yup. Every 2 minutes. Heartbeat was great. Did the FFN test and it immediately came out positive (that test shows that your water has broken). Immediately Chase just started full out bawling. I've never seen him like that. He thought that meant we had to deliver and that it was over and she would die. I knew better though since I had recently watched a show where a girl went into preterm labor and they were able to stop it. That kept me calm.

We had to wait what felt like forever for my OB to get there to check to see if I was dialated. In the meantime the nurses were lovely. I remember one nurse named Julie literally sat on my bed and just patted my back and gave me so much hope. She was my angel! Finally he showed up and checked me and I was 25% effaced. He also helped Chase give me a blessing which I feel really helped. Soon after it was apparant my water was broken because I had a big gush of fluid which by the way is literally the most terrifying thing you can even imagine.

They were luckily able to calm down my contractions, start me on antibotics to stave off any infection, give me my first steriod shot, and admitted me to the hospital on complete bedrest where I met my high risk dr who is my dr now (Dr. Chalmers). He kept me so calm and hopeful.

TODAY I woke up to Haven having the hiccups (I was wondering why she was kicking rhythmically every 5 seconds or so until I realized what was going on), took little Jayda bum to preschool, went grocery shopping with the hubs, got Jimmy Johns, went to pick my estatic 3 year old from preschool, went visiting teaching, made cookies and enchiladas, chatted with a friend and just have had a drama free day. Feels good.

13 more days til I'm the most pregnant I've ever been. Couldn't come soon enough and go figure my next drs appt is the exact same day! I called back and rescheduled it for MY dr since I was not going to get stuck in the other drs rotation.

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  1. How fantastic to be passing this milestone!!! I'm so excited for you. Each and every day that passes I'm sure will put you more at ease, and you already know in your heart that everything will happen perfectly. Just keep telling yourself that, because it's the truth. I can feel your peace and contentment coming through in your posts, and I am just so thrilled for you! Very interesting your dr. apt. being the same exact day too...think that one was meant to be. :)