Tuesday, August 28, 2012

24 week appointment

So after my last post on Sunday about getting tons of braxton hicks I continued to get them all day long. It freaked me out so bad that I called the on call dr to see if I needed to head into L&D or not. He told me that as long as I didn't have more than 10 in an hour (thought it was 4 but apparantly not) and had a change in discharge to not go in (that lets you know that your cervix is changing). But he said lets keep an eye on it and if it continues then check it out. He also wanted me to come in on Tuesday (today) instead of Friday.

That night I could not sleep at all because I was getting tons of contractions and I felt tons of pressure down there. I seriously thought she was gonna push out or something. I didnt go to sleep until about 2:30-3 after I finally caved and took a tylenol pm. Mostly just to calm my nerves and get me to sleep.

Its become incredibly hard to get to sleep at night, mainly because of hip pain (not complaining though!). So I went to the store and just got a bunch of pillows to stuff wherever to support my belly, hips, and back. Last night I slept a lot better and didn't have one contraction (that I could feel). I also haven't had any during the day which is good.

I've decided to completely give up soda and I think even my one a day addiction was still dehydrating me a ton. It's hard...it truly is an addiction to me. I pretty much grew up on diet coke, but for my baby I'll do anything. These headaches arent fun though but worth it!

Todays appointment could not have gone any better! First she measured spot on and SO much bigger than Jayda. She was 1lb 6oz at 23 weeks 5days! Jayda was born at 26 and 5 and weighed 1lb 9oz....she did get down to 1lb 6 oz though. So really I've seen a baby as tiny as whats in my stomach right now. Kinda creepy! But it definetely makes me feel better about this pregnancy and that my body is doing what it should this time around. Something really was up in there with Jayda. She was just too tiny for her gestation.

Then my cervix measured a 4.00!!!! Thats amazing! I was not expecting that at all! So apparantly those contractions didn't make a dent on anything. Phew! She's also head down so that would explain all that pressure down there.

The doctor I saw was Dr. Ott who is different from who I usually see Dr. Chalmers so that was kinda a bummer but it was good for him to know me just in case he's on when I need him. He wants me to come back in 2 weeks to get checked again and it wont be Chalmers again (bummer). Have no idea why 2 weeks but I'm guessing since I delivered her at 26 he wants to see me around then. Then I'm guessing I'll be going in at 28 weeks for my rhogam shot and my glucose test. Thats one thing I love about being high risk (if anything) is I get to see my baby allllll the time! I have so many ultrasounds I can literally see her transform in front of my eyes.

And to top it off. Chase stuck Jayda on the scale and she has gained SO much in a month! She went from 20lbs 9 oz at the GI to 23lbs 2oz! Holy crap! We thought she looked like a chunk but didn't expect that! Those antibotics, Culturelle, and pediasure sure has helped apparantly! We're still planning on taking her to the endocronologist on the 6th though just to get a second opinion.

All around its been a great day!


  1. So happy to hear everything is right on track for you! That 4D imaging is so ridiculous nowadays! Love it!

  2. glad everything's going well! and dr. ott is pretty cool, just a little dry and doesn't explain things, so you have to get it out of him...but don't be too worried. i wanted chalmers too, but ott saw me most of my pregnancy and then delivered reese. and in the end, you won't give a crap who delivers your baby, as long as they do it safely..., right? ha ha

  3. Glad everything is going well, and you are getting close to experiencing being more pregnant than ever! Keep up the good work with all those growing girls!

  4. Great news all around, so happy for you!