Sunday, August 26, 2012

Braxton Hicks

Ughhhhhhhh! The day I turned 23 weeks I woke up in the morning to the feeling that I was laying on a rock. I knew that feeling well, I got them a ton with Jayda. Instead of being excited like with her because I was actually having BH (which were TOTALLY normal, right?!) its terrified me. I didn't worry about it too much though because it was just one. Then the next morning same story. So I decided I was going to drink a million gallons of water that day. Next morning, no contractions!

I guess I forgot to drink as much water and last night I woke up with a few BH again and then more this morning. It freaked me out so much but I thought ok I didn't drink much water yesterday. Now keep in mind not enough water for me is not the normal amount of water to others. Anyone that knows me knows that I carry a water bottle everywhere I go. I ran cross country in high school and our practices were after Las Vegas. So if I didn't drink tons of water throughout the day I was just miserable during practice. Ever since then my body needs a lot more water or something but I get dehydrated so fast. Eight glasses of water a day doesn't even begin to cut it for me.

Anyways, it seems that once I get up and moving they go away, but you bet your bottom dollar I'm gonna be watching it like a hawk today. I'm not even messing with that this time around! I just can't wait to get to 24 weeks. So close yet so far! Friday is my next appointment and I can't wait to see what my cervix is doing down there.

I just want to yell to my uterus, "Calm down down there, you're getting a c-section. You don't need to "practice".

And while I'm at it I'll tell my hips the same thing! Fall back troops! You'll be of no use!

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  1. Ha! I remember that. Remember when I was woken up the day I turned 19 weeks with one BH with Aidan and I FREAKED OUT? Totally understand that fear! Keep up on the water.

    Oh and word of apparently can drink too much water too. I was admonished at 28 weeks with him for drinking so much I set my uterus off with about 7 BH an hour. UGH. It's so not easy.

    If you get too nervous, ask your OB about Vistaril. I was on that almost the entire last half of Aidan's. It really helped calm my nerves as well as stopped any BH contractions, and believe me I had a lot!

    Keep up the good work mama. You are doing great. It's hard, I know.