Friday, August 10, 2012


Well I finally have my computer fixed! Woot Woot! So this is much easier to type now. I hate HATE touch screen!

Today was our ultrasound. I woke up and felt her move so I knew she was alive at least, but I just felt sick to my stomach. I just wanted to get it over with good or bad.

We got in there and the tech first checked my cervix it went from 3.88 to 3.56! Awesome. Long and closed still. My dr said that you usually see a shortening on average about 10 days before your water breaks.

Then she looked at the cyst and it was almost completely GONE!!! Dr. C. said if this was the first time they saw it they probably wouldn't even call it a cyst since its that small now!

This is her cyst almost gone. You can see the arrow pointing at that tiny little circle. It used to be much bigger but now is pretty much gone!!
Also, what I was worried about most was there was no double bubble! Her stomach looked fairly full so we would probably see it by now. PHEWWWEWW!! We didn't see any down syndrome markers so the cyst was probably just a normal part of her developing brain. Nothing to be concerned about!

My dr seemed very happy about everything and said that now we just need to keep that cervix nice and long. Thats our main goal now. Luckily the progesterone shots helps tremendously with that. We go in about 3 weeks (at 24 weeks, viability yay!) to check it again. Unfortunately, it'll be a different dr but he wants me to meet the other dr just in case he's gone when I need him. He wants him to be aware of my case that way if were in crisis mode we don't have to worry about him not knowing anything about me. Makes total sense!

As far as Jayda bug I think she is going to have a super hard time when the baby comes. The other day she said, "Mommy, I don't want you to have a baby." I said, "Aww why not?" And she said, "I HATE baby Haven!" I said, "Are you going to be jealous when she gets her?" She said as she held her head down, "Yeah." It made my heart melt and I said, "Don't tell her baby but you will always be my baby and you'll always be my favorite." :)

Essentially she is an only child and grandchild because shes the only on my inlaws side and she is the only grandchild on my parents side that live near her so she sees them the most (although she would LOVE to see her cousins more). So its going to be a big transition for her. I think the minute she sees her though she'll know she belongs to our little family.

I love these 3d ones. She looks so much like Jaydas 3d ultrasounds. You can defintely tell she's gained some weight even from 3 weeks ago!

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