Sunday, August 19, 2012


The other day I went down to Logandale, NV with my mom and Jayda to see my Grandma and Grandpa Barney. My grandpa just had hip surgery not too long ago and has also had a heart surgery. Physically he has been through the ringer but he is actually doing quite well. One thing I'll always remember about him is his sweet throaty laugh. Makes me smile everytime. My grandma....I'll always remember that the minute we walked in the door she'd say, "Well THERE they are." or her favorite quotes, "Well for Hells Bells" or "Well bless her heart."

I have many sweet memories of my grandparents growing up. I never knew my dads mom and dad. His dad died in his fortys when he was struck by lightening at our family cabin (yes we are THAT unlucky in my about one in a million). And my grandma Adams had some mental issues that my dad didn't really want us around. So my Barney grandparents were the only grandparents that I knew and I love them so much!

We are actually naming this next baby after my grandma. Her name is Mae and we are going to name the baby Haven Mae. I wanted to name her Mae but Chase didn't like it as a first name. I named Jayda after my dads grandma Ella Vita. I never met her but I always have felt a special connection with her for some reason. She suffered from infertility and was never able to have her own kids so she adopted my grandpa and another little girl. She was very strong in the church and was the only example my dad had to be an active member. So Jayda's middle name is Elle. I wanted to name her Ella Vita but Chase said it sounded too much like a cheese of some Velveeta.

Anyways, we went down and Jayda loved playing with all the toys my grandma had laid out. She gave her this little princess purse and put a little bunny inside it. Jayda loved it! My Aunt Becky also came over (she lives in the main house and my grandparents live in a little casita in the back). We all chatted for a bit and then decided to head out to lunch at "The Muddy River". Sounds like a total dive but it was actually pretty good. Jayda was convinced we were headed down to a muddy river and was actually quite pissed when we never arrived there.

Jayda loves hamburgers and she had to order her own. She got out of her seat went up to the lady and said with her little finger in the air, "I want a ham with cheese, no lettuce, no matoes, just plain."  Little miss prissy pants.

It was a good little trip and I'm glad Jayda knows who her Barney Grandparents are.

Before we headed into the restaurant my sweet gma said, "Everyone grab your coats! I'm usually freeeezing in there. Ashley you need to get a coat." No thanks gma its 100 degrees outside and I'm pregnant. I'm good.

Jayda on the way home. She was tuckered out. She couldn't let go of her princess purse and her little bunny for the world.

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  1. LOVE the name Haven Mae...almost as much as I love that princess purse and also the saying "Bless her heart." Family is the best. Glad you had a great weekend! :)