Wednesday, August 22, 2012


On Monday it really set in that my little bug isn't a little baby anymore. She started preschool and couldn't have been more ready. She has been talking about going to preschool for months and finally the day had come!

When we took her she was so excited to see her teacher "Miss Melissa" and to make "lotsa lotsa friends".

She was so excited to go in when we set her down she ran to the door. We had to stop her and say no we need a picture first. She stopped and just sat there and stared towards the door. Finally she turned around and gave this fake cheesy smile and then wanted to leave again. We told her we didnt get it and to give us a thumbs up. She did this and then booked it to the door yelling, "Miss Melissa, Miss Melissa!". All the other kids were terrified to go inside and were clinging to their moms legs. Jayda was like PEACE and didn't even look back. Little social butterfly.

When we went to pick her up she was the first kid to run out (of course) and was so excited to see us. She had made a little name tag that went around her neck. Then the minute we got her into the car she was hysterically crying. She wanted her sippy cup but we hadnt brought it. She was tired, hungry, and thirsty. I told her that she needed to eat the snack next time instead of being too busy to eat and drink.

Today she went for her second day of preschool. I wasn't able to drop or pick her up because my mom had to get a biopsy done and I needed to take her home afterwards. Chase said she did much better but when he picked her up she had peed her pants. I guess no one knew though because the teacher didnt say anything. I'm kinda glad she didnt realize because I think Jayda was already embarassed. Chase explained to her that she needed to let Melissa know that she had to go to the bathroom next time. Otherwise she seemed really upbeat when I talked to her on the phone and seemed like she had a lot of fun.

She has been so funny lately. Her new thing is to act like a doggy. She'll keep up the charade sometimes for hours. I even set out a doggy water and food bowl (berry cereal). Anything to get her to eat! ha

Speaking of eating, she seems to be SO much bigger. Just chunkier or something. She can now fit great into 2T which is great. Before she was wearing mostly 18 month stuff. I think the pediasure is making all the difference. We need to redo the stool sample and check to see if it is still abnormal and then on the 6th of Sept we are going up north to the endocronologist to get their opinion.

Shes getting more used to the idea of having a baby sister too. The other day she told me about how excited she was for Santa to come and that when Santa came that Haven was on her way. We told her that when it starts getting cold and right before Santa comes then baby Haven will be done cooking. Then she looked in my belly button and stuck her finger in it. She was trying to look in and said, "Baby Haven are you in there?"

The other day when we were at my inlaws house I picked her up and she threw her hands in the air and said, "Put me down you COW!"

Terrible 3's I tell ya! She is one prissy little boss!

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  1. Bahaha! The cow comment got me. Wow, she has quite a personality! I'm sure she'll be non-stop talking about the baby the closer Christmas gets and will be very ready by the time the new little one arrives. She's too cute!