Friday, August 10, 2012

Jayda Update

I feel like all I talk about is baby Haven, but Jayda has been getting SO big! Just in the last 3 months since she has turned 3 she has had such a burst in development.

The other day I made a shopping list and left it on the counter. When I went to go shopping I found that Jayda had taken a chair and gotten to the scissors and cut all the sides of my list. Of course I was mad she had gotten into the scissors but I was so excited she was wanting to start cutting with scissors! So we went out and got her some kid proof scissors and she has been cutting papers up for 2 days! There are scraps all over my house.

She's also been really into imaginative play lately. Its so fun to watch her play with her toys as she has a dialoge in between them. The other day she came up to me and asked me if she could play with Barbies! Oh my!

Yesterday we took her to the county fair and she loved it! We went with my SIL Cait and her husband Taylor. We didn't ride any of the rides but just watched her ride her rides and just have a blast.

With the 3s though come some major attitude! She just wants to do everything herself which is ok with me but when she can't she just gets so frustrated! Plus there are things she should not DO. One example being pouring her milk. Not gonna happen little miss priss! That thing is bigger than you! :)

Yesterday she woke up from her nap a little cranky. I told her not to do something (I forget what) and she blew her tounge at me. I looked at her like oh hell no you didnt....and said if you do that again I will take your scissors and you'll go to time out. So of course she did it again. I put her in her room and she cried and cried. Thats what she's been doing lately. Its been hard but shes still a cute little bug at the end of the day!

She's starting preschool on the 20th (we go in for Orientation on the 15th) and she is so excited. We have to get her a full sized backpack and it looks SO huge on her! Its bigger than her body, but she was so excited. She'll put her scissors and her notebook in there and she puts it on and says I'm all ready to go to preschool!

My little bug is growing up!

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