Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nifedipine and Contractions

So in my last post I talked about how I was contracting a lot and how if I continued I'd have to go on Nifedipine. Well that next day I contracted all day long. Granted it was a Wednesday and I always contract a lot that day since I'm due for my p17 shot on Thursday. I contacted my dr and told him I was still contracting and I would take the side effects over the constant contractions. So he prescribed a bunch so I could take them every 6 hours or as needed.

Holy crap its amazing what those pills have done!! I barely contract at all anymore. I literally couldn't even walk out to check my mail without having a contraction and now I have maybe tops 3 a day. The only thing is I have to take them right at 6 hours or I start contracting again.

Luckily it seems that I have bypassed any major side effects. I was very scared to take them because I read and heard from a lot of people that the meds are hard on your body. The meds are really used for mostly elderly patients with high blood pressure. So naturally it makes you a little lightheaded and dizzy because it lowers your blood pressure. For the most part I dont feel any of that. Maybe a little lightheaded but nothing major. The meds act as a calcium channel blocker. Your uterus needs calcium to contract so it helps calm down those contractions by blocking those calcium channels.

In my opinion nothing is worse than clomid. Maybe after taking those "bitch in a bottle" pills nothing seems as bad!

This is how many pills I have on my side table next to my bed! I have my tums of course! I take at least 2 big ones a day right before bed. I also take one zantac during the morning and one at night which really helps the heartburn. Then I have tylenol pm which I usually take one every night to help me sleep. I take one prenatal a day. Then I have benadryl which has helped me through this little cold I've had and it literally knocks me out COLD (of course I take a tylenol pm or benadryl not both)! Then of course the nifedipine which helps calm my contractions. Thats not even including my shots. This is just whats on my side table! haha Talk about druggie! Whatever helps me sleep at night!

I'm officially feeling HUGE! I've even gotten comments saying how huge I look and that they couldn't believe I was only 7 months. Most women get mad at those kinds of comments but not me! I'm just glad to be considered huge and not get the "Omg you are SO small" comments.

Last night Haven was chilling in my ribs. Most women get annoyed at this but I was excited! I cant believe my baby is big enough to be chillin in my ribs!!! What an awesome feeling! I also woke up feeling like a 300lb man. I imagined myself as Randy from "The Christmas Story" when his mom put him in so much clothes that he fell and couldn't get up. I was thinking to myself. I CANT GET UP! I CANT GET UP!

If only I had a pully system hanging from the ceiling that I could just latch on to instead of rolling around like a marshmellow out of bed! Then as I headed to the bathroom I was huffing and puffing. haha Its a pleasure to be this me! You'll never hear complaints out of me.

I'll take the heartburn, the poundage, the kicks in the ribs, the throwing up any day of the week. Its much more pleasurable then peeing on opks, seeing negative after negatives, and just hoping and wondering and praying that this was my month only to be crushed month after month. Or watching my baby suffer in a plastic box watching my baby kick air instead of my ribs. That pain is a whole hell of a lot worse and way more uncomfortable.

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  1. I love it! I'm so glad you're doing so well! I'm also glad to watch you during this because it's exactly how I'm going to feel once I get past that 27 week point. I didn't get to feel a baby kicking and punching and rolling and making me uncomfortable either, but I'm like you, that just means I'll appreciate it more. Just like when people say I'm nuts when I say I can't wait for Sophie to start crawling and walking everywhere so I have to chase after her. Or they say "you just wait". They don't get it because they haven't gone through it. I'm so excited for you and that you keep experiencing all these fun uncomfortable things that mean that she's alive and growing big and strong. :)