Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Unchartered Waters

1. I'm officially the most pregnant I've ever been!

2. My uterus can now carry a baby that is over a pound! She measured 2lbs 2oz! Little chunkers!

I had a busy appointment today. Got a lot of stuff done. We checked my cervix and it was a 3.66 so still long and closed which is super suprising considering how much I've been contracting. Its so cool to see her every couple of weeks on ultrasound. I can always see how bigger her little cheeks are getting.

Today we also saw her swallowing her amniotic fluid which means she's practicing her breathing and getting those lungs developed! Its crazy too that I can actually feel her little body parts. There have been a few mornings (like today) where I wake up on my side and I look down at my stomach and there is a huge lump sticking out. I put my hand on top of it and its SO hard almost like her little head! Then I could feel her move in my hand. It was amazing. Then today on ultrasound I asked the tech what I had felt and she said her head and her feet was on that side. So I was literally able to cup my baby's head! Insane!

I also had my glucose 1hr test and that came back normal! YAY! I can eat cookies still!! I also got my rhogam shot because I have the RH factor which just means my blood is negative and Chase's is positive. Most times the baby will take on the fathers blood type and so if my blood and the baby's blood mix then my body will attack the baby and see her as an "intuder". Obviously we dont want that so I have to get the shot

1. If I bleed at all

2. Routinely at 28 weeks (just got it a little early)

3. After delivery if the baby's blood comes back positive.

Its not a big deal...just another shot. I already feel like a pin cushion at this point so whats another shot right?

So I chatted with the dr and he said that he was very very happy with where my cervix was measuring but that the fact that I'm contracting is a problem. He said with normal patients he would be thrilled with the cervix and say to just ignore the contractions but because I have such a high risk of pprom he wants to watch it closely. The problem with me contracting so much is obviously not that its changing my cervix but the fact that it could weaken my water bag and make it break prematurely.

He said when he saw my name on the L&D list his heart dropped but he was super glad that I went in. He wants me to come in right away if it happens again. I told him I'm still contracting a lot. Some days are worse than others but some days I literally will contract all day long. If I get them a lot in a given day then he wants me to take a hot bath, lay down and drink a lot of water. He said if that continues then I need to come in and we're going to put me on medication to help calm my contractions.

He said he didnt want to do it yet considering my cervix looks great and it has some bad side effects like getting really dizzy every time you stand up but obviously I'll take that over contracting constantly. He wants me to come in every 2 weeks from here on out just to keep a close eye on me.

Overall, everything looks great! Just keep trucking along. 3rd trimester here we come!!


  1. Great update! Glad to hear things are bumping along. That is awesome on how you could feel the baby's head. I can't wait to someday experience that. You do realize, you are like the only pregnant lady that I don't detest right now, right? Seriously, I love reading your updates. I am so so happy for you to have such a great experience!! :)

    1. Thanks Emily! I totally know how that feels and totally understand if I get annoying as you keep trudging along in the journey. Just know I've been there and someday you'll get to experience that!

  2. Yay! Glad things are going well! I definitely had my head up my own butt as I wasn't following you (I remedied that).

    1. haha thats ok Ducky! You've got a lot to deal with and worry about. I'm not too worried about it. I'm mostly just interested in your journey and love when I see another one of your updates!