Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm 3 and I'll cry if I want to!

Seriously whoever said the twos were terrible hadnt gotten to the threes yet! Twos were easy peasy. The threes are so much harder. Of course theres fun and not so fun things about every age but the threes have really been a test of patience for me.

"I do it MYSELF!" I never thought I'd hate a phrase so much and she says it to everything! I dont mind her doing things herself but when you are in a hurry to get out the door it can be a pain in the butt. Or if I pick her up out of her carseat she FLIPS out if I dont let her hop down herself. Like full out kicking and screaming on the ground!

Soon after she started preschool she had a potty training regression. She literally would pee and poo her pants every day. I didnt understand it because she had done so well for so long. Then I talked to one of my good friends who is a school teacher and she said that was SO common when they start school. She said a lot of kindergarteners and 1st graders even pee their pants in the first couple of weeks/months because of the transition. I just had to stay patient but it was SO frustrating.

We went to the park once and she was having so much fun she didnt want to stop and go potty. She grabbed her butt and said she needed to go to the bathroom but when I said we needed to leave to go she said she didn't need to go so I believed her (stupid me). Yeah she shit her pants.

Next day, we go with one of my friends and her little girl to the temple and then to the park. Jayda came to me, told me she had pissed her pants so I said ok well we better go then. Then I run into another friend and I start talking for a minute. Jayda said mommy I gotta go to the bathroom. Literally, a minute later I look over and Jayda said, "Mommy I'm going poop" as she was squatting. I said, "Are you serious?! NO!" She said, "Its ok mommy. I'll just go right here." I couldn't help but laugh. It was the grossest thing ever.

There are definetely some positives about being three. Its so much fun being able to have full out conversations and she can understand way more. She has such an imagination its so fun to watch her blossom into a little girl. Some of the things she says just cracks me up and her personality is really starting to show.

Here are some things Jayda loves/has been doing lately:

-Loves her preschool and her teacher Miss Melissa and her "fwiends". Today when I picked her up from preschool she ran to me and gave me a big hug and then had to turn around and say "bye to her friends". They were all heading into their cars so they weren't listening but she said "bye friends, I'll see ya next time!"

-Shes such a social butterfly and can make friends where ever she goes. She's always been a social little thing and never had stranger danger. She just loves people.

-She absolutely loves Seasame Street and watches it everyday.

-She is really starting to love the idea of having a baby sister. Yesterday I was laying on the couch and she lifted up my shirt, got right next to my belly and said in a loud voice, "Baby Haven! Wake up!! Are you in there?!" And right after that I literally watched baby Haven roll and kick. It looked like a wave under my skin. She already loves her sister and recognizes her voice! Then Jayda went and got her jump rope put it to my belly and said, :"Here ya go Haven. It's your turn."

-Jayda has been riding the line between refusing naps and truly needing them. Last week she refused them but also was way too awake to even put her down. Without fail around 4 or 5 she turned into a demon monster, but at that point it was too late to go down for a nap. Yesterday we had to make her go down and she was much more pleasant to be around. She's almost there but not quite. I'm not ready to be without my naps/breaks either!

-Jayda is an earlybird. She wakes up without fail at 7am

-Jayda may look small but she can down a whole Wendys hamburger by herself.

-She is a complete daddys girl! She absolutely adores him but is also a tad scared of him too. She listens so much better to him than me. She enjoys the time she spends with him and when he takes her to the Washington Rec Center (T-rex center) to go swimming.

-She begs to go spend the night at "Mukahs" house (my MIL). She loves going over there and spending time with my SILs and BIL. I also dont mind the break. :)

-She's been attempting to do cartwheels and its the funniest thing ever. She can't wait to start gymnastics next year.

-Whenever I get after her and really lose my patience she will ask me a few minutes later..."Are you happy now mommy?" It makes me laugh every time. The other day I was really getting pissed because she hadnt taken a nap and was just being crazy. Mixed with pregnancy hormones/not being able to sleep at all the night before and not getting a break all day I was gonna kill someone. We ended up going to the splash pad with my friend and her kid and one of the first things she said to my friend was, "Mommy's being mean to me." I laughed and she cocked her head to the side smiling and said, "Mommy you're happy now?" Sometimes she makes me feel bipolar. lol

-One of her (and my) favorite things to do is to take her to the library and pick out a few books. We'll go every week and return the old books and check out new ones.

-She loves to sing twinkle twinkle little star but she'll replace diamond with circle and just laugh and laugh. Then she'll say see mommy I said circle not diamond. I'm so silly. I love my little girl. I can't wait to see how everything changes when we add another little one to the mix. I'm holding my breath and mentally preparing for long days and nights but am SO glad we're adding another one.

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  1. Tell me that pooping incident didn't make you think of that scene out of Bridesmaids! hahaha! That is one to tell at her wedding someday.

    That is so cool that Haven flipped over right when Jayda told her to Wake UP! I do believe they are already communicating. Glad you are enjoying all the little things that make 3 so special and that soon she'll have a baby sister to boss around. I have a feeling she'll be a pro at that!