Thursday, July 5, 2012

And the Shots Begin...

So a lot of people seem very concerned when I tell them that I have to take a shot every week from week 16 to week 36. But it really is a positive thing.

A little bit about the p17 shots:

The abbreviation "17p" stands for 17-alpha-hydroxyprogesterone caproate. In other words its a type of progesterone which is made in rich supply by the placenta.

Studies have shown that 17P treatment in the second trimester of pregnancy can lower the risk of preterm birth for women who fit this "high risk" profile. In one recently published study, the rate of preterm birth was reduced by one-third among these women.

Today I took my first shot and it was an interesting experience. A lot of people usually just go to the drs office to get it administered there but I figured it would just be easier to do it at home.

First off let me say that when I picked up the shots from the "pharmacy" I was beginning to rethink my plan to do them at home. I met this guy in the back of the parking lot at the hospital. He had a big brown box filled with 5 syringes, 5 needles, wipes, needle discard box, medicine and hand sanitizer. I felt like we were making a drug deal.

These shots will last me 5 weeks.

This was some kind of sick joke. I know it. I used this type of hand sanitizer for 3 months straight in the NICU since that is what they have in the hospital. It's there to taunt me, I know it.

Here we were sitting in 105 degree weather in the middle of the parking lot, car still running, being taught how to draw up the medicine and inject myself.

I'm not scared of shots so that wasn't the problem. The big problem was actually drawing up the medicine. I just could not figure it out which makes me sound so stupid but its harder than it looks. You have to plunge air into it and then plunge it out. I still don't know how to do it. Chase ended up figuring it out as I was dialing the on call nurse. I guess we used the wrong needle to draw up the medicine so I think that was a big part of it. Durr.

Trying to figure out how this freaking works. I bet in 20 weeks I'll be a pro.
So then the time came. The first shot is always scary especially since Chase said he was just going to slam it in my booty. I had to remind him he wasn't the nurse in Pearl Harbor and to be gentle. I think I was more scared of him then the actual shot. It ended up not being that bad at all.

Jayda came in and saw the whole ordeal and was like

Jayda: Awww mommy thats no fun!
Me: It was for baby Haven and we are all done.
Jayda: She lit up and said, "Baby Haven's done cooking?!"
Me: She still has a long way to go but in a little while you'll be able to feel her kicking from inside.
Jayda: I wanna kick you in your belly!


  1. Ugh! No fun! Thanks for the reminder, I need to pick up my refill today. It IS funny how they run it out to your car in the back parking lot. Lol. We went to the Doctor's office the first time and a nurse showed Larry how. He is now a pro, if you need help again. I can't even look at the needle for it. I hate shots. Thanks for the info on it! We ran out of needles last month because the safety popped over the top of one while Larry was getting it out of the package. We had a Dr. Appointment so we just asked them for one. OUCH!! I think it's a smaller needle. It took FOREVER to inject and I bruised so bad and it swelled up and hurt for days. So if you need a spare, call the pharmacy :)

  2. I'm so glad you can give them to yourself! My OB refused to let me even though I asked so I had them every week from 14 to 36. But it felt a bit odd once he was born and I no longer had to make that drive. Here's to 20 more shots!!!

  3. Love the Pearl Harbor joke, lol. Glad you are able to give them to yourself and like you said, in no time at all you will be a pro. You go girl!