Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First Dentist & Gastrointerologist Appt

Last weekend we went to Lake Powell with some friends (post on that later). It was a blast but by Sunday night we were totally exhausted and ready to be home for awhile. Didn't work out that way.

At 2:45 Jayda had her first dentist appointment. She did GREAT! She loves the show Doc Mcstuffins and ever since that show came out she has been SO good at drs offices. She did everything they said and I think their office was amazing. Really great for kids and their office was loaded with toys and things for them to do. She had no cavities but they did say that she needed to get rid of the binki at night since thats only when she uses them. Her teeth were defintly effected by such long binki use (oh gosh it was SO worth it). More on that later.

Monday after her appt at 4:30 we get a call while I was looking for a new swimming suit at Kohls from Jaydas drs office that there was a cancellation and so we could get in earlier than September when they had us scheduled. I had contacted her dr (who actually saw me during my pregnancy and assisted during delivery) and asked that he call to the GI to get me in sooner considering my OB didn't want me traveling especially that far along in my pregnancy. The only problem was that they wanted us to be up north (3 1/2hours away) by 8:30 in the morning.

At first we said no but then found out they wanted us to come August 20th which was Jaydas first day of school. So we had to just buck up, go home and pack our stuff and head up to my sisters house right then.

The next morning we got to Primary Children's outpatient hospital in Riverton to see Dr. Wu. We weren't to thrilled at first with seeing him since our last GI was named Dr. Kuddu. Wu- Kaddu sounds vaguely familiar and he was a jerk. But we were pleasantly surprised with Dr. Wu. He was incredibly poised and could tell he knew his stuff. He is the first dr to just sit and ask more questions that I asked him. He wanted to know everything.

Bottom line, he thinks that she is just small. From looking at her labs we did in December her protein test showed that she is in no way malnourished and all the other labs were completely normal. He said she is not dangerously thin just really short. Overall she is proportional to her height. But just in case he wanted to run some extra tests. Namely one for celiac disease, one to see if she is really absorbing her nutrients, and another to see if she has any food allergies. If any of those come out positive then she will need additional testing (an endoscopy to get a biopsy and if food allergies than more specific testing through an allergist).

For now he said we should try a supplemental diet through pediasure and see if she'd drink that. Also to put oil and butter on everything. It will be a change since I don't use butter or oil on anything.

We have an appointment with the endocronologist in October but I will probably just have Chase take her up and I'll be on the phone during the appointment. I have to be safe and although they have a hospital up there I DO NOT want to deliver a preemie there. I just think our NICU is more specialized to preemies and to individual families. I really attribute how well she did with our awesome NICU.

After playing with cousins we headed home totally exhausted and ready to stop the travelling. Although we were exhausted and just wanted an easy night we had to get rid of that damn binki. So we told Jayda she couldn't have them and she needed to go throw them away. Man I wished I had filmed it. It was the saddest, cutest, funniest thing ever. She had three of them and hesitated by the trashcan. She threw one in and whined a little. Then after she threw the last one turned around and started sobbing and asked her daddy to hold her. She was just having a melt down.

It took a few times to put her down but we gave her some stuffed animals to help comfort her. The first time Chase went up there she said, "Daddy this is tough!" Then when I went up there she asked me to sing her the song about God (A Child of God). After she was asleep she did great.

Can't believe we are binki free!

Oh and in other tummy news...I felt little Haven moving for sure this weekend. I've sworn I have felt little thumps from the inside before but it was a definite this weekend. I'll never get tired of those little thumps telling me "Yeah, I'm still here, Mom!" 

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  1. Glad she's doing okay! That stinks you had to make your way up there on such short notice though, at least it's done now.

    You should look in to coconut oil, we use it often (although we also use olive oil and butter when appropriate). It is similar in calories as oil and butter. Coconut oil is high in lauric acid which is in breastmilk. Here's a good link if you want to read about the benefits of lauric acid: