Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day

I know I'm a tad late (been so busy with school, moving, and getting back into my working out routine) but Fathers Day was a great day. The day before FD we went to lunch with my dad, mom, and brother to Olive Garden to celebrate. Then later that night we went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse with Chase's parents, Cameron and Natalie, and Caitlyn and Taylor. Then after that  with Cameron/ Natalie and Catiy and Taylor went to lazer mania and played video games for a bit...decided we wanted to go to Fiesta Fun instead and rode the bumper cars (actually not bumping cars so goat carts??)....yeah thats a whole nother story...long story short I made a little girl cry because I accidently slammed into the back of her...I even gave up my 1st place victory to stop and help her. She didn't want anything to do with me...k you big cry baby get over it. lol no but seriously I felt bad. Then we went mini golfing and played some more arcades. Pretty much acted 12 again. It was way fun.

Then on Sunday we skipped church again (sinners I know) since Chase worked 17hr days all last week and we were both SO burnt out. I got him a game that we have been talking about for years since we played with my brother and his wife but we were too cheap before to get. Since Chase has been working so hard (and reaping the monetary benefits I figured I'd go all out for him). So I got him Settlers of Catan AND the extention pack to have 5-6 people play. It it the best and most addicting game ever! So much fun! And then I got him some clothes from Aero (his favorite place). I got him these cool plaid shorts, some swim trunks, and 2 aero shirts.

Oh and this was part Fathers Day- part we need a new camera because stupid ole me washed ours in the washer...we really needed a new one anyways since it was super old and cheap. So we got one and we went all out because we want quality that way we dont have to buy a camera every few years. We got the Nikon coolpix...its a inbetween for a point and shoot and a little camera. My sister is the photographer not now way shape or form. lol I LOVE it though and we got it on sale!
I love my husband he is the best daddy ever! Its wierd to think that just two years ago we "celebrated" Fathers Day in the NICU and this year we spent it at home with a busy toddler!

PS Blogger is being stupid and wont let me add pictures (it let me add the picture of my camera though lol). GRRR!

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