Friday, June 10, 2011


So life has been so nuts lately! I am taking 3 classes (Behavioral Neuroscience, History of Psychology, and Math 1040...I thought I was done with Math since I already have my associates but nope its a pre-req for one of my psych classes UGH), then I have a rambuncious 2 year old, my husband works over 12 hours a day usually from 6:30am-7:30 or 8:30 sometimes 9:30pm, and we are moving in a little over 2 weeks! Kill me now!

So this is the update as of late!

We went to Jayda's 2 year appt and she was 19lbs and 31 inches. Yup you guessed it she isn't even on the chart for weight and for height she is in the 3rd percentile! :D I love my little bean and the dr isn't concerned at all. She's just meant to be small I guess! She eats really well so we know she isn't starving! One thing the dr did mention though is that he wants us to watch out for ADHD. He in no way diagnosed her with it since she is way too young but he said she is more active than the typical 2 year old. Plus she has two things going against her to make her more likely to have ADHD 1. her preematurity since they are more likely to get it since they are exposed to too much stumli before the brain is ready 2. genetics. It definatly runs in Chase's family and she was definatly preemature :) so she has 2 strikes against her now. So we are just going to watch it but I wouldn't be suprised if she ends up with it since she has a very hard time focusing more so than other kids her age that I see around. I mean I too an extent not focusing is normal for a toddler but with her its to a whole new level. We still love her the same but boy at the end of the day I am very exhausted! Luckily we can start now by putting her in an adequate environment so she isn't overstimulated.

So as for me I am so busy with school and such that I have really been slacking in the eating healthy/working out department. I've gained a few pounds and I just feel gross. I'm just on the go so much that I haven't been watching what I am eating and I'm not working out like at all because I have so much to do and when I do have time I want to spend it with Chase or sitting on my butt at the end of the day. So today I went grocery shopping and only bought healthy stuff for us to eat because if its not in the house I cant eat it. :D The other day I went to the gym and burned 800calories and thought I was going to die. Usually I would burn 1200 calories no problem so I know I am very out of shape now! Ewww I hate that feeling! Today I ate healthy though! Yah!

I am currently taking 3 different classes one of which is math 1040 and I HATE math. Usually the best grade I would get is a C in math but I have to get a B or even an A because I want to try to graduate with honors if I can. I'll just be happy to graduate in general but with honors would be the cherry on top. We'll see I won't push my luck. Usually in my math classes I wouldn't ask very many questions because I felt stupid...because they were usually really stupid questions but this time I don't give a crap! And let me tell you what am I glad I didn't major in anything math because math teachers are so BORING! I would go out of my mind. Talk about no personality whatsoever (at least in my experience). And then you ask a question and they look at you like you are the dumbest person alive and say "well logically that wouldn't make sense now would it?" Then I always reply (in my mind of course) "Sorry I am a right brain and I hate math. I'm sure I could write an essay much better than you so there. He confimed my suspicion when he spelled something wrong, caught it and  then said "thats why I teach Math isn't it?" But for the first time in my life I took a math test yesterday and didn't have to guess on anything!

Then starting in about a week or so I need to start packing up everything so we can move into my inlaws house. And yes I have to do it alone because Chase will be working constantly. I feel so bad because Jayda asks "Daddy? Daddy? Where he go? Daddy???" It's so sad because she hardly sees him, except yesterday when he had a day off. He leaves for work either before or right as she is waking up and usually gets home after she is asleep so he never sees her. Its sad but hey we got to make money right? Still sucks though!

So thats life right now! But I love being busy.
P.S. This post took FOREVER to write. :D

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