Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm a sinner!

Today we stayed home from church. Jayda was throwing up violently all Friday night/ Saturday morning but not because she was sick but she had a horrible allergic reaction to the soy milk we tried with her. So lets just say every blanet and pair of pj's was soaked with puke. She must have she puked 100 times...oh and had the runs so bad she even shat in the tub....I almost lost my cookies lemme tell ya! Then Chase had to go to work the next day from 6am-9:30pm. So needless to say we needed a Sunday refresher...I think we all need one now and again. Jayda felt fine and we know wasn't sick but sometimes you just don't want to go to church. I think Heavenly Father understands. Chase even went to Walmart today and I went running. We're going to hell I tell ya. But tomorrow is the beginning of a new week. I'm headed back to the gym, putting the cookies and soda away, and getting off my fat butt. We all get in those ruts, I'm just woman enough to admit it. :) One more week til 2 of my classes end! I can see the light! No wonder "normal" people
wait til they are done with college to have kids! It's freakishly hard to juggle it all, but I wouldn't trade miss booger pants for anything! :)


  1. Poor thing, I'm sorry she was so sick! I'm glad she's feeling better=)

  2. We totally stayed home from church yesterday too!! I was just so tired and I didn't even have it in me to wrestle my kids all morning, get everyone ready, and then try to make them be good in church too. So we all stayed in jammies all day and just played together as a family. I guess we can be sinners together, sometimes you just need a day off!! ;)

    p.s. try coconut has more calcium than 2% milk and tastes so so so kids love it!!(Sydney was way allergic to any thing soy for a long long time so I know the feeling!)