Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My doctors appointment.....

So today I went in for my annual pap armed with a bunch of questions for my OB. I told him how the provera made me ovulate one time and that was it. He then asked me the same question he asked me back in January minus the provera option, "Well do you want to go on birth control pills or clomid?" I just laughed and said wait hold on a second. And then he re-phrased it as "Do you want to be pregnant or not want to be pregnant?" Of course pregnant. He said well at this point it looks like the main reason you are not pregnant is because you simply are not ovulating. It really is an easy fix.

It couldn't be that simple. There HAS to be a bigger reason to why my body is so freaking funky? According to him not really. He said that there are millions of reasons why some women don't ovulate and will always have trouble with ovulation. The main thing is to get them ovulating so that they can get pregnant. I mentioned my episode the other day of pain...long story short I felt like I was going to die and ended up throwing up and getting tons of blood when I went to the bathroom (TMI I know....I'm guessing those that read this blog have at this point dropped out due to a weak stomach so I think we're good). So I told him that I was suspicious of endometriosis. He said according to my symptoms I could possibly have it, but it wouldn't change his course of action. He said the two main ways to stop the progression of endo is either BCP or to get pregnant. I asked him about an HSG and he said that those tests usually are not covered by insurance and cost about $700 (I thought different I guess) and he didn't see any point to me getting that unless I didn't get pregnant on the clomid. If we got to that point then he would have me do the hsg and do a seman analysis on my husband. Fun times all around.

So then I asked him why I couldn't have the femara like we had talked about last time which basically is a conservative clomid. He said that I could do that if I wanted and pay the $130 for it each month versus the $9 a month it is for the clomid. He said if clomid doesn't work we can always switch to the femara. The main reason I wanted to go femara is because it has a lower chance of twin risk. BUT he said that he hasn't seen someone in awhile that was on clomid and ended up with twins. And he said that usually those that have the twin risk are those that are unhealthy, overweight, or later maternal age (38+). But since I am young, healthy, and thin I don't have the typical build for twins. So that made me feel better.

So we decided to start the clomid today since my cycles have been so wonky and I have been bleeding for about 9 days or so and he said since I didn't ovulate anyways its not like it really matters because its not a true period just breakthrough bleeding. Then on CD23 I am going in to get a blood draw to check my progesterone to see if I in fact ovulated. He gave me a list of things to of which is to dtd every other day from CD10-18. I take the clomid from CD3-CD7 (I'm just counting today as CD3). He said I should ovulate earlier too since I usually ovulate way late. Oh and FYI he told me that tracking my BBT isn't very effective and usually tends to confuse you. He said the best way is to do blood draws on CD21-24 to see if I did ovulate plus that way I dont have to do the BBT and just get frustrated and confused. He said if I am not pregnant in 2 cycles on the clomid he will be very shocked. He said if I had just taken the clomid back in January I would probably already be pregnant but that he understood that I wanted to wait the year to just give my body a chance to do it on its own.

He did the PAP and said my ovaries were a good size. Shweet. Then knocked me down by saying "You will a be verrrrrrrry high risk pregnancy though so we will want to see if you get those twins." Shweet.

Oh and he is going to call the genetisist and have me meet with them since we found out that my cousins had the same birth defect as Jayda. He said theres obviously nothing you can do about prevention but it might be a good idea to go through all my family history. They are going to call them and then have them call me. Also good news he told me the mean old perinatologist that made me cry on the ultrasound table due to horrible bedside manner was fired so theres another dr there. Shwing batter!

Overall I feel pretty good and feel like hopefully this will make me pregnant! Just swallowed my clomid pill....we shall see!


  1. Good luck! I'll be crossing my fingers for you. :)

  2. Good Luck Ash!! I got pregnant with Sydney on clomid. I am the same way and don't ovulate because I have PCOS. I was on the Clomid for about 6 months before I got prego so don't freak if it takes longer than the two months that the doctor said. Lets us know how it goes....oh wait I forgot who I was talking to for a minute. Of course you will keep us up with all the news!! ;)

  3. Good luck! I would contact your insurance to see for yourself what is covered. Mine covers any diagnostic testing at 85% even though they don't cover infertility. So an hsg, a semen analysis, and blood work for both dh and my self were all covered at 85%. I'm surprised your dr. Doesn't want to do more, but hopefully you will get your bfp now that you started clomod!

  4. I wish I had your doctor! By the way, I love reading your blog. Your little girl is absolutely adorable :) Good luck to you on your baby journey!