Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Funny Things of Jayda Bum

Jayda seriously is my hope. She keeps me going. Without her I don't know how I would function with not being able to get pregnant for so long. She keeps me laughing every single day. And she is growing up so fast (too fast). Here are some of the things she has been doing lately that I just simply don't want to forget.

She loves anything "pretincess"
Whenever Jayda knows she is in big trouble she will close her eyes so tight and pretend she is asleep. Sometimes she will even put her hands over her eyes. Without fail I always see that little eye creep its way in the cracks of her hands to see if she has been forgiven. Of course this makes me laugh because I just can't be mad at her when she is so darn cute!

Jayda is a gum chewer and will chew it like a big girl. When she is done with it she'll just hand it to me or go throw it in the trash. She's such a big help too and if I ask her to throw something away she'll go stick it in the trash. And then she comes back to me with the biggest grin on her face like she accomplished something so huge.

Shortly after Jayda turned 2 years old she finally had enough hair to put it into pigtails. She looks so cute with her pigtails but she constantly takes the rubberbands out so she looks like she just got electrocuted. So annoying especially when you are out and about and you can't find the rubberbands so it makes it look like I didn't care enough to do her hair and she looks like a little homely child....but just one of those things you have to laugh at.

This is what her hair looks like when she takes her hair out.
One thing my little girl did not get from me is her love for shoes. She is obsessed with them. Even if we aren't going anywhere she wants me to put her shoes on or even attempts to put them on herself. If I don't do it right then she just screams "SHOES, SHOES, SHOES!". The other day we went to the shoe store and she was flipping out because there were so many shoes. She was running everywhere saying "SHOES, SHOES, SHOES". She could not try them on fast enough. Then when we didn't buy them for her she flipped out! We saw the cutes toddler shoes that were high heels but unfortunately they were size 5 and she is a size 4. If she had fit into them we would have SO gotten them for her. So funny and cute.

We are currently living with my inlaws and she LOVES it. She loves playing with my sister-in-laws and my brother-in-law. She calls my mother-in-law "Mukah", Ciara is Ce-Ce, Cason is Casey, Caity is Key-Key, Chelsea is Delsy, and she just screams everytime my father-in-law tries to hold her. (haha poor guy) My mom and dad she calls "Gup, Gup". She loves having a ton to do and a bunch of people to play with (and of course all the attention she gets).

When Chase is at work and Jayda asks "wheres my daddy?" I say "Honey, he's at work" and she'll say "daddy's sleeping". So anytime he is gone she just thinks he's sleeping. She must think he is really lazy. :P

Jayda gives SO many kisses and hugs. Sometimes when we leave she will have to kiss every single person in the house before we go. Sometimes when we are leaving and she knows we are about to leave she will just give me a big hug and wrap her legs around my stomach and just grip so tight. She'll start bawling and right in the middle of it she will pucker up to get a kiss thinking that if she looks really cute we will stay with her. Heartbreaking but cute too.

She's talking so much more and I think that has a lot to do with living with so many other people. She's sleeping great except for the occasional nights when she'll wake up and go "miwlk? miwlk?" Chase gets so annoying since she shouldn't want formula anymore but for some reason she does love that stupid Elecare. Lately we've had to stand our ground though and just say no. What can I say I love my little girl and just want her happy so I'm usually the one to cave and give in. But she has been a lot better lately....its usually just when she is sick.

When she is tired we'll just ask her if she is ready for bed and she nods her head and says "uh-huh". Then she'll ask "binki" "ba-ba" (yes we give her a binki at bed back up off and no not a bottle anymore but a sippy...we're not that crazy haha).

Last week she wasn't feeling well and had a hard time going to sleep which is very wierd for her since she just zonks right out and so I went in and said "You not feeling well?" Her: "uh-huh". Me: Do you want some medicine" Her: "uh-huh medicine" So I went and got her some benedryl she took it gladly and after that I didn't hear a peep.

I love my little girl and although I spoil her so much (she dresses better than I do) she is my life. She makes me laugh (and perphaps cry) every single day. I love her to pieces though and couldn't imagine my life without her.

Jayda got into "mukah's" make-up.

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  1. I TOTALLY understand! I am the same way with V and I just can't imagine my life without her and her ability to melt my heart and make me laugh. Sometimes I think it makes TTC easier, and other times I think it makes it harder.