Saturday, March 31, 2012

Little Love Bug And Ovary Update (at the end)

My poor little bug has been through the ringer lately. She was brought to her knees one night by a cold and fever. She looked like this...and trust me this never happens unless she feels like crap.

Then the very next day it seemed she had beat it and looked like this....
Then today she was again brought to her knees by an awful ear infection.
Jayda had a sleepover with my mother-in-law last night and when she dropped her off today she didn't seem herself. She pulled at her ear and just started crying that her ear hurt really bad. I took one look at it and it was covered in yellow fluid and puss. If I even touched it the slightest she started screaming. So Chase and I put some drops we had in her ear. I knew it was instacare time (which means a long day adventure at the drs office) but Chase just thought the tubes were doing their job and draining the fluid, but mommy instinct told me otherwise. Plus she kept telling me, "Mommy, I want go to the doctor to feel much better."The doctor said it looked awful and that she needs to go see an ENT next weeks. And it looks like her tube is gone in one ear but still in place in the other.

Another problem I'm worried about is she is not eating at all (understandably so) and has lost a lot of weight. She was just barely 20lbs when we went in today. And I understand she'll make up for that and probably quickly gain that back when she gets feeling better but that just isn't going to fly if she keeps getting these stupid ear infections again. Plus she's had countless antibotics in her life and we are NOT getting c-diff again! That was pure hell.

It looks like we'll be getting our second round of tubes or at least thats what I am going to push for with the ENT. She can't afford to get an ear infection after every cold and then lose over a pound when she is already so underweight. We're trying to avoid the endocronologist up north but it looks like we'll be on our way up to him this summer if she continues to grow like this. Ugh just put it on my tab.

Oh and it couldn't have come at a wierder time. Jayda was pretty much potty trained except for when she slept. Was peeing and pooping consistently for two days. Then one day she woke up and didn't want to go anymore. She asked for her diaper and of course I let her. I'm not going to tell her what to do in that regards. I've learned from my classes that that's something you don't even want to mess with. Shaming or bribeing your kid into pissing or shizing on your command is not what I call a good time. So now she's back to what she was doing before. Of course when we went to the doctor she wanted to sit on the potty to pee. So I'm sure when she's over this she'll be right back to going potty. I'm in no rush though.

On the ovary home front. I'm happy to say that I am 97% confident that I ovulated ON MY OWN! No meds or nothing! Actually...yesterday or today as a matter of fact. Of course not the best timing but we are just talented like that. I did ovulate a tinge later than usual on the meds instead of CD14 it was CD17 or CD18 but that was what I was doing when we were TTC Jayda, so normal for me. I had the horrible swollen crampy feeling for a few days that I always get but today its gone so I figure it happened yesterday or today. It's a relief but I'm not really expecting anything.

I guess I'd be lying if I said I'm not holding onto hope that maybe my body just needs to do it on it's own but I'm not holding my breath. It would save me a serious chunk of change. But what it does mean is we are two weeks from beginning my IUI cycle and by my calculations we will be doing the IUI on the day of one of my final exams. That should be interesting....Go in for my final exam. Go home and get a sample of sperm. Then go have my dr stick it up my who ha. Sounds like a pleasant day. Yeee haw.

I'll be going to my appt before I get AF to learn more about the IUI and our exact plan of action. I'll be sure to update after I go. It really is so scary to think that this is the beginning of the end. I'll either be pregnant within 3 cycles of IUI or on to starting the adoption process. Either way our lives are going to change drastically soon.


  1. I'm a fellow preemie mom and I've been reading your blog since there was a blog link on a baby center post a couple of years ago. Anyway, my daughter always had what seemed like near constant ear infections and colds, which I just chalked up to a result of being born two months early. About two months ago, a friend ask if Finley might be allergic to dairy and after doing some research, I realized all these things that I just assumed were normal for Finley were actually symptoms of an allergic reaction to dairy (in Fin's case - runny nose, sneezing, coughing, ear infections, suppressed appetite, drooling, low grade fevers, etc.) Since we took her off dairy, she hasn't been sick once and she's eating SO much more. She only weighs 21.5 lbs so I'm hoping that she'll finally gain some weight. Anyway, I just wanted to pass along our story in case that could be contributing to Jayda's ear infections and colds, and also because removing dairy is so much cheaper than ear tubes and ENT appointments :)

  2. Boo to poor Jayda Bug's sicknesses (I think we have all had enough of that lately holy sheep!) I hope she gets feeling better soon!

    But YAY to ovulating on your own!!! I'm so proud of your ovaries right now!!