Thursday, March 1, 2012

Surgery....Sounds Like More Fun!

So screw IUI. My body decided surgery sounds like a lot more fun.

When I was about 13 or 14 I got in a bad car accident with my sister who was about 19 at the time. It was in the gorge and we totalled her car. The guy who caused the accident just sped off and didn't stop to see if we were ok. Douche. Ever since then my shoulder hurt me but it wasn't unbearable. It only hurt me when I'd work out or run but it was never to the point where I had to take pain meds or anything.

Then just a couple weeks ago when I was playing church basketball I hurt it really bad. So I decided to go into the Orthopedic Surgeon to see what was going on. He thought that I had a tear somewhere but he didn't really know where. So he ordered an MRI. Yesterday I went in to hear the results and he said that I tore my rotator cuff really bad. He said it looks like I tore it almost completely and I needed to have surgery within 4-6 weeks but preferably sooner since I had already had it torn for a few weeks already. The reason being is that he said the sooner you get it fixed the easier it will be to repair any damage and the faster it will be for me to heal.

So of course one of the first things I asked was how much was it going to cost because I have to pay a buttload for fertility treatments. The nurse that was in there to schedule the surgery was hugely pregnant and so needless to say it was awkward. They looked it up for me and said that it was going to be $375 for my co-pays. So just put it to my tab.

I contacted my fertility dr and he said that he would recommend we take a month off and postpone the IUI since I'll be just getting over surgery. My OS said it would be should be a quick recovery depending on how bad the tear is. But still  I probably should take a month off. Everything. Including the meds. It's kind of scary and at the same time a relief. It will be interesting to see if I ovulate on my own. I mean I highly doubt it espeically after surgery....but who knows

So I'm getting surgery on the 12th because its the beginning of spring break and I cannot miss school. It's nice I'll have tons of help from the inlaws too since they are out of school too. My mommy is taking the day off to help me initially. Good things it's my left shoulder and not my right. I need my right hand for school. The kicker is it's the week my period is due. A small part of me is scared I'm screwing up the plan for an eggy but who am I kidding? She's probably dead and gone by now anyways.

I am bummed to say the least but maybe it's meant to be. Maybe I need to take a month off of everything for not only my body but my mind. But you better bet once I'm healed were firing up my bad boys (ovaries) and gettin to business.

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  1. That totally stinks you have to have surgery... I'm so sorry. I hope you recover quickly!