Monday, February 27, 2012

We're Adopting!!!!

.....a long-haired chihuahua!!! I am so excited! We've been talking about getting a puppy for Jayda and have been looking around lately but today we decided to go to the pound and see if there were any small dogs that needed to be adopted. At first we walked into the room and it was SO sad! There were just cages lined up and they had a water bowl, a food bowl, and a hole to poop/pee in. Thats it. It was cold and just sad. Most of the dogs were big and so we couldn't really adopt them but there were these two other little dogs that were so cute, but they had adopted signs on their cages already. So we went out and talked to the grumpy old animal control guy and he said he had another small dog that he "forgot" to put out.

The moment I saw him I knew I wanted him. He was so hyper and happy to just be HELD! He was SO sweet and I knew we needed to get him. We originally wanted a girl and so Chase wanted to go to the Ivins Animal Shelter (a no kill shelter) to see more dogs and so we went there but it had just closed 11 minutes earlier. It was just meant to be.

I decided to name him Charlie. We went back to the other pound and paid for him. We took one other peek at him since we couldn't take him home today. He was the only dog not barking and just looked up at me like get me the hell out of here. He has to go to the vet tomorrow and get fixed. It was so hard leaving him in that gosh awful place but I'm excited for him to come join our family and Jayda is SO excited to have a little puppy to take care of. She kept saying she would feed him and walk him. Needless to say she was PISSED when we left without him.

Can't wait to have him home tomorrow and I guess he fills a little part of our empty house. I guess once you get to a point in infertility you have to adopt a dog. He'll be my little one year old newborn. :)


  1. How fun! I'm glad you were able to find a dog you like so much at the shelter.

  2. Congrats on the new addition!!!! I have my dog and she is my BFF she is there for me no matter what and always always keeps me company and all she asks for in return is love and food and water she is 10years old and we have both been thru so much 2gether and she has always been there for me and I'm greatful for her little face... U should be congragulated for saving a little life from an animal shelter!!!! Again Congrats!!!!

  3. Hes CUTE! lol we had to adopt a dog too, ours is a red heeler, hes a sweetie. It doesnt make up for infertility, but it sure does help me to cope. I'm considering adopting another one :)