Monday, February 20, 2012

Moving on to IUI

I'm nervous. Excited. Freaking out.

So I've been messaging my dr this weekend and I asked him about doing IUIs (short explaination is they stick Chase's sperm up my who-ha timed just right during ovulation...kinda like in the movie the back-up plan haha) since I kind of feel like I am wasting my time on the letrozole. I mean it is my 8th month on fertility drugs. I should be getting ready to give birth not still stuck here. I've showed that Oing is not our only problem so its time to move on especially since Chase's sperm count isn't spectacular. Who knows maybe it would give them a little boost they need.

He said we could do the IUI this month if we wanted to but he doesn't usually do it until there has been 3 months of failed treatment. So we're going to do this last cycle of letrozole since this would be our third month on it and  then start IUI next cycle. Plus both Chase and I want to come in and talk to him about the IUI this cycle instead of jumping right into it this cycle blindly. The kicker is one cycle of IUI is $600...which I expected since I know IUI is expensive. I definatly took for granted that conception last time costed nothin! But its worth it! Luckily we're poor college kids with a kid and we got a big fat check from Uncle Sam. Gotta love tax time!

This month I'm going to focus on cleansing my body, eating healthy, and exercising like crazy to get into shape. I also think I'm going to look into doing acuptuncture as well since it is covered by insurance and hopefully it would help.

I'll update after my appointment sometime this month. Hopefully this month is a miracle and we don't even have to do IUI... but who am I kidding. Fat chance. Who would've thought I'd ever have my husbands sperm shot up my who-ha. And who would've thought I'd be excited about it.


  1. Hi Ashley, I have been following your blog for a little while, I also have a 26 weeker who is now 19 months (and thankfully has no health problems:). My heart really goes out to you in the struggles you guys are going through with having another baby! I am wondering if you have tried acupuncture? I see an acupuncturist to avoid Pre Eclamspia and she has told me they see ladies very often to help with fertility issues and they have see a huge success rate with it. My Acu is also very reasonable cost wise. I'm also becoming more interested in how nutrition affects our bodies and in my reading have seen lots about things that could help in fertility, here are a few sites I have seen recently,, and then this one talks about the importance of healthy fats in fertility- (this is just one that touches on the role of fats in aiding fertility, I've seen a lot of info like this, especially as we have been switching over to coconut oil and it's role in fertility and healthy pregnancy is often listed). I don't mean to overload you with information, I hope some of it is useful. good luck!! I hope to hear your cooking a sweet bun soon (and to full term!)! :)

  2. Thanks Beth. Its good to see your LO is doing good! Yeah I've been changing my diet because I think thats a big one but I am also trying to get my hubby to try to change his since his sperm count is part of the issue. Here I am pumping myself full of meds and vitimans and he won't even touch any veggies or fruit at all. At least he's taking his vitimans now. Its a process. lol

  3. Just wanted you to know I LOVE you <3 and am hoping and praying you wont need that IUI this next month. BUt, if you do, I hope it works. My favorite quote that got me through more hard times than I want to talk about, is "where hope grows, miracles blossom."