Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kids Are Vicious

So today I took Jayda to the park to play with her "friends". I feel so bad we need to have her hang out with more kids her age but we've both been so busy with school lately that we just don't have time to do playdates. So when I do have a little bit I try to take her to the park to socialize.

Usually when we go there is always an older girl that wants to play "mom" to Jayda since she looks so small like a baby. They follow her wherever and just watch after her. It's so cute and she loves it. Today was very different. These kids were vicious to her and it broke my heart!

First this kid was playing and using part of the equiptment as his "table" that he was putting wood chips on. Jayda came over and was trying to see what he was doing. All of a sudden he looked over at her with this scowl and just pushed her to the ground. She got up and looked so defeated like "What the freak did I do to you?" Then she went over to this older girl (probably 5 or 6) and was looking up at her like "play with me". This little girl was pretending to hand out ice cream. She looked at Jayda like she was too young to play with her and just ignored her. Then when Jayda asked for some "ice cream" she realized that she talked and gave her one.

Over and over kids were just mean to her and I think a lot of it was because she was smaller. Jayda is a lot like me in that she is very loud and active but when she first meets people she is very shy and just likes to observe. When kids are nice and show they want to play with her then she comes out of her shell.

When we got in the car she told me, "Mama, kids are mean." Then she started to sniffle. It was the saddest thing ever and for a second I wanted to march right back to that park and tell that kid off. I just worry so much for her as she gets older that people will see her as the "little runt" and pick on her. It gives me a little hope that I was also small and I didn't get picked on since I was a little bossy leader type. But I always wanted to be older than I was because I felt like I wasn't big enough. Since she is the oldest (and only at the moment) I hope thats not the case.

I guess the worry is just part of being a mom.


  1. oh, im sorry ashley! that is horrible when kids treat others that way, but it seems like if the mean kids don't grow out of it, they will always be like that, and who likes mean kids? no one! jayda just needs to smack that little kid around and show him who's boss!!!!! ha ha since you guys live in town, we could play sometime, i don't get to see people much, except for sam, cause she watches kohen. but i don't think kohen would ever push a kid first, and he loves girls so much! i bet jayda would make him smile!

  2. Kids are mean, that is so sad. She is the sweetest thing. She can come play with Peri anytime