Sunday, February 26, 2012

Our new "love shack"

Ohhhh. My. Gosh. I can't believe I am making this post. But I figure you guys are sick of hearing me say, "Infertility shmility. My life is horrible" kinds of least sometimes I feel like I am like a broken record. There's one thing I can't stand and thats when people play the victim that just are drama drama drama. Constantly talk about how horrible their lives are or concentrate day and night on a trial that happened years ago. Not saying that trials don't affect you for the rest of your life but you also don't need to remind everyone about said trial day and night. We get it.

Sooooo I figured I would lighten it up a bit.

Having a two year old you realize just how destructive they are. They draw on everything. They spill everything. Their dirty little hands get all over your white walls. Don't get me wrong....I am in no way complaining. Just stating a fact. Hence why we need new sheets. It was stained with food, sharpies drawn all over it, etc. So we decided it was time to get new sheets and I CANNOT believe I let Chase get them!
Its so shiney that even my camera was scared of it! you cant see it as well from the picture but its like this silky red santa/bachelor pad looking sheets. I kinda thought it was funny when we were buying it but quickly regreted it when we were actually putting it on the bed. I drew the line at putting it on my pillow which is why my old pillow case is still on my pillow. Plus the sheets make my hair all staticy.

Then in the morning when Jayda saw it she gasped and got all excited, "SANTA came!!!" And then she grabbed the silky red bag that held the sheets and said, "No toys?!" She thought Santa had came and left his toy bag with no toys in it! Smack me in the head!! It was SO funny!

Needless to say Chase is happy and loves it. I am scared anyone will walk in our room and see it and think we are freaks! haha Aw well who am I kidding we kinda are.

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