Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

Yesterday was actually a great day! My hubby is so sweet! I'm not a very sentimental person or lovey dovey but lately I've really felt closer to him. I read about couples that have been torn apart by having a preemie or having infertility but its (luckily) been the opposite for us. We know all we've got is eachother to get through this (and cute little Jayda bug!) and so it seems like we have grown together through all of this.

To show just how far we have come...we actually got eachother presents this year. Usually with anniversaries, birthdays, etc we wouldn't get eachother anythnig. It was a mutual thing but boring were we?!

When I woke up yesterday both Jayda and Chase were gone. I was like what the heck? Where did they go? So I started to get ready. Finally I heard him come in but he said to stay in the room. Then Jayda came running in so excited saying, "Mama, Mama, balloons, balloons!!!" She just couldn't keep the surprise in.

I came out to find this....
I love how she's just staring at my chocolate. Of course we shared it!
He got me reeses and diet coke with favorites!
He also made me a big jewelry board with our wedding colors on it. I think he had a lot of fun making it. It was cute how he made it for me. I'm too lazy to take a picture though.

Then I got him a card listing a bunch of things I love and appreciate about him since I don't tell him often. I need to more. I also got him some badly needed clothes. He's disappearing right in front of me (making me feel much fatter) and his clothes are starting to fall off him.

Then we got Jayda a little gift too. We got her this little Minnie Mouse tin with a Tiger, Piglet, Eeyore, and Pooh figurines in it. They go everywhere with her now. She loved it even though after she opened it she hung her head down low and turned to Chase and said, "No treats?" haha That little bugger!

We went out for lunch all three of us to Kneaders. Jayda kept calling it "Neaners".

Chase had to work last night because it was a pretty busy night but at least he got to make good money I'm sure. So tonight we are going out on a date just us two. The only down fall is that I woke up with a vicious sore throat!

Oh and I took a test today because I had to. I have an orthopedic surgeon appointment this morning to get my shoulder checked out since I hurt it a long time ago in a car accident and seemed to have re-aggravated it playing church basketball...we won that game though so thats all that matters. :) Anyways I'm pretty sure he is going to do an x-ray and I'm due for AF at the end of the week. So I figured I'd better take a test just to be sure and it was negative on CD26 which I'm sure means AF is on its way. I got my lab back on CD24 and my progesterone was just a 10 so yeah I'm definatly out. Oh well...what's new?

It isn't gonna ruin my day!

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